9 Helpful Tools for Marketers

9 Helpful Tools for Marketers

Let’s face it. Being a marketer is an ever-evolving job. It’s not all fun and games like the Finance department makes it out to be (kidding, Finance — you’re cool). Marketers’ lives are hard. Every week there’s either some new app to use or try, a new action to analyze, a change to SEO algorithms, or a new trend that somehow invades every facet of life (Gangnam Style, anyone?). Everything is changing, so nothing stays “optimized” or “popular” or “helpful” for long. Consequently, as marketers, we always have to stay up on the times, ready for the next big thing. Because, if we’re not…no, let’s not think about it.

In this list, we’ve gathered nine helpful tools for to help you stay on the cutting edge and make marketing a little easier.

    1. Heap
      Heap is a great tool if you want to use actual data — instead of guesswork — to improve website conversion. Heap automatically captures every user action in your web or iOS application. This includes clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, and page views. Then, you’re able to analyze it retroactively. You don’t have to set up a complicated, messy integration or worry about manually setting up event tracking for every action up front. Heap also stores all of the user data in one place for easy sharing.
    2. Personapp
      Personapp is a great tool for helping to create Buyer Personas if you don’t have or aren’t able to build them directly your marketing automation platform. A buyer persona allows you to figure out exactly who you want to target, how to speak to them, and where to find them. Personapp allows you to enter information about your target and gives it back to you in a clean, easy to read format. Additionally, Personapp allows you to share these personas, which is great for marketing teams or closely aligned marketing and sales departments.
    3. Google Trends
      Google Trends allows you to see the latest trends and data from Google. You can explore search interest by time, location, and popularity for really anything. Google Trends allows you to see charts about what real-world people are searching right now. With Google trends, you can compare the volume of searches between two or more search terms and you have the ability to see news related to the search term on the chart, showing how new events affect search popularity. For example, take a look at the interest in Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte swimming. In the screenshot below, you can see searches spiked the day they competed in Rio 2016. Google Trends allows you to see this kind of data for everything. As a result, you can strike while the iron’s hot, therefore maximizing campaign effectiveness.
      Google Trends Graph
    4. Buffer
      Buffer is a tool that is designed to help you manage posting to social networks. Buffer suggests times during the day, based on the time zone you chose to target, when social users tend to be the most active. As a result, this feature gives your posts the highest likelihood of being seen. But, if you have a timely message like an event or presentation, you can also schedule messages to publish at any custom time. As a result, Buffer helps to make social media a breeze.
    5. Wistia
      Wistia is a great tool for those utilizing video in their marketing campaigns. Wistia is a video hosting service for businesses. This tool allows you to control where people are able to watch them, how they’re embedded and even what they look like in social and search. Wistia also provides great viewer analytics and lead capture mechanisms.
    6. Typo Generator
      Typo Generator is a great tool for all you PPC-ers out there that want to maximize your keyword universe. Typo Generator helps you come up with different variations of searches to capture those that may be spelled incorrectly.
    7. Moz
      If you haven’t heard of Moz, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. Moz is a fantastic tool for marketers looking to get insights into their inbound marketing strategies. With Moz, you can work to increase your online presence in a measurable, effective way. Moz also offers a ton of free tools for different marketing initiatives that are definitely worth checking out.
    8. BuzzSumo
      Content marketing can be difficult. You may not know what to talk about, the format it should be in, or how to get the word out. BuzzSumo allows you to answer these questions and guide your content marketing journey. BuzzSumo helps you learn what content performs best for a given topic or competitor. Furthermore, it can help you find key influencers on different channels to help promote what you come up with.
    9. Similar Page Checker
      Finally, we have Similar Page Checker. Similar Page Checker is exactly what it sounds like. Similar Page Checker allows you to compare links on your site for duplicate content. If you’re worried about your organic search rankings, use it to find what you need to change in order to keep the Google bots happy…and, maybe, your boss.

This list isn’t the Holy Grail of Marketing – we know that. However, it is a great start to help marketers on the path to success. Now that you have the tools to help you market your product/service, check out these 22 lead generation tips!

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