Appointment Setting

We set qualified meetings for your sales reps in real-time that result in opportunity pipeline within your target accounts.


Experienced Sales Reps

Our SDR team has many years of experience working in B2B tech. We understand the modern-day infrastructure stack and how to build cadences to communicate complex messaging that resonates with technical buyers, and ultimately makes cold outbound campaigns successful. Each of our Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) is an experienced sales professional with experience communicating the complex value propositions and messaging associated with high-tech products.

Scalable & Flexible

Our ramp time is fast and we are up and running with little effort from our clients. We can increase or decrease our output based on our clients’ needs and pivot our targeting and messaging as we learn the landscape of their unique target audience and the unique value proposition that resonates with the different members of the buying team. 

Intelligent Outreach

We do not take a spray and pray approach. We verify each buyer persona within your target accounts and create messaging to appeal to the different personas to ensure that touches aren’t wasted and qualified meetings are set for your sales team. 

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