The Best Marketing WordPress Plugins Revealed

best marketing wordpress plugins

WordPress can be a great ally to marketers. The platform itself is very comprehensive, user-friendly, and intuitive. By itself, WordPress gives you a good opportunity to distribute your content. But that’s just the start. The best WordPress marketing plugins can help you get a lot more out of the platform.

These plugins can help you increase web traffic and conversion rates, get more email sign ups, and improve your entire sales process. All you need to do is look at your marketing goals, then find which marketing WordPress plugins can help you achieve each goal.

This is a simple idea, but it isn’t easy to execute. WordPress has more than 47,000 plugins to choose from. While this is an advantage in some ways, it also makes your job harder if you choose to manually browse what’s available. 

Many plugins out there can slow down your website, crash your server, or hurt your rankings. And if you’re trying out every plugin that promises to improve your marketing, you’re taking a lot of risks. After all, you’ll likely only find out about the issues after you install the plugin.

To make your life easier, DemandZEN compiled this list for you. We’ve picked some of the best WordPress plugins to help you achieve great marketing results. 

Top 9 marketing WordPress plugins

Having the right set of marketing tools can help take your business to the next level. That’s exactly what this list of plugins is here for. Let’s get started.

best marketing wordpress plugins

1. Yoast SEO

WordPress is pretty SEO friendly out of the box. However, as search engines are one of the main sources of quality traffic, you need to make sure your carefully crafted content ranks well at all times.

Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. As soon as you enter your target keyword, it analyzes your content and gives suggestions for improvement. It detects common oversights, such as long descriptions, lack of images, and bad readability.  The best part is that the core Yoast SEO features are free.

2. SEO Friendly Images

If you’re doing content marketing right, you should be using a lot of images. And if you understand SEO well, you should know that SEO optimized images are crucial.

Yoast already does a good job of helping you optimize your images for SEO. It warns you if your alt image attributes aren’t optimized for the chosen keyword. You can then choose to fill in those alt attributes manually.

However, if you want to save some additional time, there’s a plugin to automate the process. SEO Friendly Images is a plugin that will automatically add alt and title attributes. This will make your images SEO friendly.

3. Jetpack

This can be one of the most valuable WordPress plugins for marketers. It offers advanced features, such as analytics, content tools, mobile optimization, and so much more to help you improve your site. It is easily customizable, so you can choose which features you want to activate based on your needs.

The analytics feature is our favorite when it comes to marketing. It shows visitor statistics, the source of traffic, and offers a breakdown of keywords. This helps you understand who visits your site, how often, and how people look for your content. All of this information is very handy when crafting your content and marketing strategy.  

best marketing wordpress plugins - analytics

4. W3 Total Cache

Site loading speed is one of the top SEO factors today. In fact, Google decided to prioritize speed in the last set of changes to their algorithms. This is because Google considers user experience an imperative. And if your user has to wait around for your site to load, that reduces their user experience. This is especially true if this is someone trying to quickly search for something in a search engine. Most of these users will bounce from your website if it doesn’t load quick enough.

The W3 Total Cache plugin helps you decrease bounce rates by improving your overall site performance. It serves compressed and cached files to your visitors. This includes browser caching, page caching, database caching and caching of objects. All of this reduces both loading and download times.  

Also Consider: Wp-Rocket | Wp Super Cache

5. Floating Social Media Icon

If you want to make your content more visible, you have to ensure it gets to social media. Make it easy for the reader to spread your message across different channels, and they will become your advocates.

Floating Social Media Icon is exactly what the name says. It is a floating reminder that readers can share your content on more than 20 social platforms. And it allows doing so effortlessly, with just a single click. The plugin also features easy customization, automatic integration, and shortcode support.

6. Adsanity

If you support your website with ads, you need to know how to manage them. With the Adsanity plugin, you can create as many ad units as you want and then rotate and group them. You can use it with advertising programs like Adsense, or sell your own ads directly.

To help maximize your earning potential, Adsanity allows you to schedule start and end dates for ad campaigns. This way, you won’t have to waste time on keeping track of various schedules for different ads. The plugin also gives graphical stats for each ad, so you can quickly learn how they perform on the site.

best marketing wordpress plugins - ads

7. OptinMonster

If you want to convert your site visitors into email list subscribers, this will be your favorite marketing WordPress plugin. It helps you increase your conversion rate by creating various attractive forms.

The form builder lets you make all sorts of opt-in types. This includes welcome gates, pop-ups, floating headers, scroll triggered boxes, sidebar and after post forms, as well as footer bars. All these forms are mobile-optimized, so you can reach out to all those readers on smartphones and tablets.

Also Consider: Thrive Landing PagesThrive Leads

8. CoSchedule

If you’re doing a lot of content marketing, you probably have many different writers, each with different deadlines. Keeping track of your blog and social publishing schedule can be difficult. It’s especially hard if there’s a team of people assigned to content distribution. If you want to take control of your editorial calendar, you will love CoSchedule.

This plugin saves your time and minimizes misunderstandings among your team. You’ll be able to make your strategies for content publishing transparent, eliminating long email chains. You can also use it to schedule social media posts promoting your content.  

9. Title Experiments Free

Consumers have a short attention span. If you don’t grab their attention instantly, it’s unlikely you’ll get a second chance. This is why you need to create appealing titles that will motivate consumers to click on and read your content. More clicks equal more engagement, which equals more revenue.

The Title Experiments plugin helps you find the perfect titles by allowing you to run A/B split tests with multiple titles for a single post. It calculates the success of each title based on the number of times it’s been displayed to readers, and how often it’s been clicked. This way, you’ll learn what your audience wants, and you can use these insights in your marketing strategy.

best marketing wordpress plugins - a-b testing

In conclusion, try the marketing WordPress plugins that best align with your goals. Go ahead and experiment with combining them until you find the perfect set that gives the results you want.

If you need help with your marketing and sales strategies, DemandZEN is here to help. We are focused on finding the best ways to give your business a critical advantage.

Guided by decades of experience and empowered by the latest tools, we help our clients thrive. Feel free to contact us and let us find ways to expand your revenue opportunities.

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