Beyond the Sales Bell: Celebrate a Company Win Remotely


Remember when a celebratory bell rang throughout the office as a goal was accomplished? Yes, it may have been both annoying and loud, but it was great for building team comradery. A lot of these bells are now decorated with cobwebs being unrung since March, with most businesses going remote. In turn, many businesses are struggling with creating the same level of employee engagement they once had in the “in-person” office setting.

DemandZEN has been cracking the “remote employee engagement” code since 2014. We’ve made every mistake in the book, but these days we’ve got this down to a science. Here are 4 ways DemandZEN is using Slack integrations to promote employee engagement.

Team Work: Work Together, Win Together

DemandZEN believes in “owning your own results” and encourages problem-solving, but on Slack there is ALWAYS someone there to help in real-time. For quick answers, an instant message can be sent. We use Slack video when it’s more complicated and have a company policy that all cameras must be turned on. There is no replacement for seeing your coworkers face to face. Our goal is to come as close as possible to replicating the office environment – to make it feel like someone’s right around the corner. This kind of open communication and quick response time makes our team feel a strong sense of support. 

Honest Team Feedback

DemandZEN has experienced significant growth over the last 6+ years. With significant growth comes intense pressure. We knew we needed a simple way to truly understand how our employees feel. We chose OfficeVibe, which is an anonymous employee engagement platform. Weekly, OfficeVibe surveys our entire team with random questions and those are sent to our managers in Slack in real-time. One of the best ways to build team engagement is to first understand your team. Managers can respond directly to feedback or if it needs more attention, talk about it at their next team meeting. It promotes a safe space on Slack to make sure the company is serving its employees in the way each unique individual needs to be supported. OfficeVibe looks at key metrics that measure overall team engagement, such as: Wellness, Relationship With Manager, Satisfaction, and Relationship with Peers.

Friendly Competition

Competition can be a great motivator. When working remotely, a motivator is very much needed some days – especially when you are making cold calls during a pandemic! DemandZEN solved this problem with a Slack/Salesforce integration. When SDR’s schedule meetings, Salesforce automatically “zaps” the meeting to the Slack “Meetings Scheduled” channel notifying the team that “Sarah Smith” scheduled a meeting with “ABC Company”. What happens next is an onslaught of congratulatory emojis (even though we know sometimes people would like to send an angry face emoji when someone moves into that #1 spot for the day or week)!

Encouragement: Celebrate a Company Win for Each Other

DemandZEN employees are connected on average to at least 8 different Slack channels. Each SDR at DemandZEN belongs to a “Team” channel run by their manager. All teams have unique names. A typical workday for an SDR on our team starts with opening up their “Team” Slack channel and their screen is instantly flooded with “good morning!”, inspirational quotes for the day,  and/or appointment setting tips from their fellow team members.   

Bonusly: Incentives for a Company Win

Our team at DemandZEN loves to recognize their team so we integrated Slack with an employee recognition platform called Bonusly. Bonusly is a platform that allows employees to feel recognized through a cashable point system. Each employee is given Bonusly points at the beginning of each month to give to other employees (it’s our version of an “office kudos”). When one employee recognizes one of their teammates for hard work, helping out, or whatever the case may be, these recognitions are pushed to the “Bonusly” channel we created on Slack so the whole company can see. It’s a public way to say “Job well done – thank you”. Employees can cash in their Bonusly points for gift cards from major brands like Adidas, Uber, Google Play Store, Apple, Whole Foods, Hulu, Nike, Paypal, Amazon (my personal favorite) OR they can donate to their favorite charity!  

As you can see there are a lot of creative ways to use Slack for employee engagement, which is super important whether you are in an office or working from home. Victoria Mikita, DemandZEN’s Lead Program Manager says, “I think recognition is so important and to have something tied to it means a little bit more. People love to be seen and heard.”  I suspect we’ve just scratched the surface, so if you are using Slack for employee engagement in ways we haven’t thought of we’d love to hear from you in the comments section! 

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