10 Executives Share B2B Marketing Predictions for 2021

B2B marketing will see a shift post-covid in 2021. DemandZen sought predictions of what this shift will look like from B2B…

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SDR Covid Pivoting Strategies: Pivoting Towards the Human and Away From the Sale

Covid-19 has impacted the conversations B2B SDR teams are having with prospects.  DemandZEN has been testing the best pivoting strategies SDRs…

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Why Data and Analytics Matter More than Ever in B2B

Using data and analytics in B2B is nothing new… or at least it shouldn’t be. When you’re focusing on hitting sales…

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Starting the New Year Strong in B2B Business

New year, new you – right? The start of a new year is a perfect time to recalibrate, reset, and reinvent.…

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5 Top B2B Trends in 2021: What to Keep an Eye On

Each year, it’s normal and expected to see a shift in trends. The very word “trend” suggests fads that change over…

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Beyond the Sales Bell: Celebrate a Company Win Remotely

Remember when a celebratory bell rang throughout the office as a goal was accomplished? Yes, it may have been both annoying…

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Fighting Systemic Discrimination in the Workplace

2020 has shown us time and time again the way that systemic discrimination exists in our country. The year has asked…

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How Your Team Can Succeed While Working Remotely

Working from home isn’t necessarily a new thing. However, in 2020, more people than ever find themselves doing it. Working remotely…

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Does Instagram Have a Space for B2B Businesses?

For years, B2B businesses have stayed away from Instagram because of the idea that it only works for B2C businesses. While…

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Staying Warm While Cold Calling [Keeping the Human Element in Cold Calling]

During this season of social distance, we could all use some genuine human interaction. We probably don’t expect an authentic interaction…

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