A Very DemandZEN Thanksgiving

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It starts with thanks

This Thanksgiving, we want to give thanks for the hard work our incredible team does during the year. Everyone at DemandZEN embraces honesty, flexibility, and problem-solving in the day-to-day.

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family, which is why we’re proud to be a family-first company. We’re happy that all of our employees are spending the holiday with the people they care about.

What a DemandZEN Thanksgiving looks like

This year we asked our team how they spend their Turkey Day. We got some amazing and unique responses, and we discovered how much our team has in common.

DemandZEN Thanksgiving

The DemandZEN team isn’t a bunch of snoozers. Out of our crew, only two of us take a post-dinner nap every Thanksgiving. Fifty-seven percent don’t let the tryptophan win, while the remainder are only occasional post-dinner nappers.

A few favorite food highlights that didn’t make the Top 3 were tomato gravy, sweet potatoes, mac n’ cheese, and mashed potatoes. Green beans and broccoli casserole even made the list, so a few of us are making sure to get our veggies in somehow.

The other holidays

When it comes to Black Friday, DemandZEN isn’t really into it.  This year, 58 percent of us are staying home on Black Friday while 21 percent are getting their shopping in on Cyber Monday. That leaves the other 20 percent participating in Black Friday or Thanksgiving day shopping (and one of those is not too enthused about it).

For the most part, our winter decorations are going up as soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone–though there is one DemandZEN employee who’s had their tree up since before Halloween! And four of us are using abstaining from Black Friday as an excuse to get the lights up.

Enjoy the day

No matter how you decide to celebrate the day, DemandZEN wants to wish everyone a day filled with fun, laughter, love, and all of your favorite foods– no matter if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not. We’re sure you’ll make it a fantastic day.

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