DemandZEN CEO Presents at Digital Sales World Boston

Digital Sales World Conference 2018

Last week, DemandZEN CEO Bart Bartlett gave a joint presentation at Digital Sales World in Boston. He was joined on stage by Joe Cronin, ConnectLeader’s Inside Sales Manager. The two explored how sales teams can boost pipeline while simultaneously shortening the sales cycle.

Download Presentation Slides:
Drive a Bigger and Better Pipeline While Shortening Sales Cycles

Digital Sales World

For nine consecutive years, the AA-ISP (Global Inside Sales Association) has held the Digital Sales World conference in Boston. It’s a day-long conference dedicated to providing sales professionals with knowledge to succeed in today’s economy. The goal of this event is to bring sales professionals and thought leaders from all around the country to discuss:

  • Latest trends
  • Sales technology (AI included!)
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices
  • Pipeline and revenue strategy

This year’s theme centered around the changing nature of sales — a new era of digital selling brought about by technology and culture.

Bartlett, a career marketing-professional-turned-tech-startup-guru, has years of experience with demand generation and sales enablement. As CEO of DemandZEN, Bartlett has made it his mission to equip sales and marketing teams around the world with the tools they need to succeed.

In today’s competitive landscape, companies want their SDR and Inside Sales teams to drive more revenue and higher margins. Bartlett and Cronin used their platform to share how teams can better leverage their sales engagement technologies to achieve these goals while also shortening their sales cycle.


Learn more about DemandZEN and how you can drive demand, increase your sales pipeline, and close deals more efficiently. Reach out to us for more information. We’d love to chat!

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