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Telemarketing is not that effective if you just pick up the phone and start talking about your product. The best telemarketers use telemarketing scripts. They have a clear plan what they’ll talk about and when. And they don’t use just any kind of telemarketing scripts, but good quality, effective ones. Otherwise, they would just be wasting their time on that phone.

A good telemarketing script needs to achieve several things. It has to focus on your main objective. And yet, it needs to allow for your conversation with the prospect to flow in a smooth and easy manner. If you’re currently looking for sales scripts that let you achieve all of this, keep reading.

Things you should do before calling

It’s definitely easier to just pick up the phone and call your prospect. But if you want to increase the chances of having a successful phone call, you need to spend more time doing research. LinkedIn is a great network where you can find all the business details you need about your prospect.

What do you need to find out about them? First of all, you must know what their company does. Next, you need to learn what exactly it is that they do. Check your records to see if you have helped a similar company (or business) in the past. Also, it would be nice to find at least one fun fact about the prospect.

Another thing you would definitely want to do is pronounce their name properly. If you say their name incorrectly in the first few seconds of the call, they will immediately get annoyed. Instead of talking about business, you will find yourself talking about names and pronunciations. However, if you can’t pronounce their name correctly, politely apologize and continue with the conversation.

If you want to increase the chances of having a successful phone call, you need to spend more time doing research on your prospect.

Telemarketing script number 1

Once you call, you need to introduce yourself by stating your name and the company you work for. It is important to sound energetic and confident. You shouldn’t be yelling, but you should articulate well and speak clear words. If you mumble your name and the company, the prospect will start asking “What? Who?” and that is something you want to avoid at all costs.

After introducing yourself, you need to take a break. This is usually hard for telemarketers because they want to jump straight into a sales speech about their product. However, this break is very important. If you can’t determine how long the break should be, count to eight in your head. This gives your prospect some time to search their brain and try to remember if they know you and where they know you from.

Starting a call like this is already different from any other call. After doing all this, you can ask them a question to create a connection with them. Your goal is to get them talking so you can make them feel comfortable.

Here are some questions you can ask your prospect:

  • So, [prospect name], I see you went to [university]. How was your experience there?
  • Congratulations on your recent promotion. How is the new role?
  • I see you’ve accomplished a lot for [company] in the [X years] you’ve been there. How did it all start?

A good question will make your prospect smile. If they are chatty, ask them a follow-up question. You would want to keep them talking until eventually, they ask you “Okay. Why are you calling?” If the atmosphere up to that point is friendly and casual, you can continue joking and laughing. You can answer “Well, sometimes I forget.” This always lightens the mood if the prospect has time. If you notice that they are in a hurry, get to the point faster.

Use a positioning statement because it shows that you work with similar companies and understand their operations. Also, by doing this, you’re not talking about yourself or your company. That’s exactly what you want to accomplish.

Use positioning statements because they show you work with similar companies and understand your prospect's operations.

Since you already know a lot of things about your prospect, tell them you work with similar people just like them. Ask them if they recognize themselves in the profile of people you have already worked with. You know their answer will be yes because you prepared this profile in advance, it’s custom-made for them. Afterwards, you should ask them to tell you more about their work.

They’ll start talking about themselves and explain their objectives and pain points. This is the most valuable information you’ll need to build your pitch.

Everyone is looking for something positive in their life. By making your prospects laugh, listening to what they have to say about their problems and showing them you might have the solution they need, you’ll make their day better.

All in all, this script is excellent for building relationships which lead to more sales.

Telemarketing script number 2

This telemarketing script is a bit different.

First of all, you should start by saying “Hi, [name]” with a warm tone. You need to learn how to pronounce the prospect’s name properly, so you can use it here. Don’t say “Hi, [name]. How are you today?” because this gives them a chance to disrupt your flow. You want to take control right from the beginning.

Afterwards, you need to introduce yourself by stating your name and the company you work for. Again, be sure to say clear words and articulate. Then, tell the prospect why you’re calling. Getting straight to the point shows that you’re a professional and you care about their time.

The next thing you want to do is build a bridge and show that you’ve done some research on them and their company. This connects your reason for calling and how you can help. At this moment, it’s important to talk about them, what they have achieved, and how it relates to your work or product. Remember not to talk about yourself or your company, brag about your accomplishments or mention the competition. It should all revolve around the prospect.

Finally, ask for what you want and wait for their response. If you want a meeting, go for a specific schedule with time and location. That is oftentimes the goal. If you have any questions you would like to ask, do it, and then finish the call.

Using the appropriate telemarketing scripts, you can rest assured you'll be having successful calls.

Do you need help with telemarketing scripts?

These two telemarketing scripts are very different, but you can use both or combine them. I personally think the first one is better for chatty people with more time on their hands. The second script is for busy people who are not interested in small talk. Each prospect is different, so you need to feel the energy in the beginning and decide which script suits the situation better.

Telemarketing can be quite hard and you might not be getting the results you want. Fortunately, we are here to help. We can help you by writing customized scripts for you, assisting you with their delivery, or lending you our team of experts. Our experts are specially trained to pitch a variety of high-tech products and services at all levels.

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