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A Trusted Advisor


Joseph S.

Strategic Account Manager
Computer Software

DemandZEN was instrumental in helping my team acquire the first twenty customers for an emerging market. The individuals in the organizations who we wanted to speak with were extremely difficult to reach.

This was not the traditional "smile and dial" scenario. DemandZEN had very novel ideas which helped us surpass our goals and the results were measurable. Thank you to the DemandZEN team.

BEST Outsource Call Team


Doug S.

Vice President
Demand Marketing

We hired DemandZen to augment our internal sales development resources to help discover new outbound opportunities in our upmarket segments.

DemandZen is cutting edge, using technology and process to create an efficient and effective program that generates predictable results. Super easy to work with, very thorough in their analysis and support, great reps, and very accommodating with how we wanted/needed to work.

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