DemandZEN’s Marketing Tool of the Month: CoSchedule

CoSchedule: Tool of the Month

Finding the right tools for your business takes time. There are always new problems to solve, new metrics to track, and new challenges to face.

That’s why, every month, we highlight one tool that solves a different business problem. That way, you can learn about great new tools that could be a great fit for your business without the stress. In this post, we’ll focus on CoSchedule.



CoSchedule is a marketing tool for the management of your social media, content generation, marketing campaigns, and blog. It’s a one-stop shop that can help keep everyone on your marketing team on the same page. With a drag and drop interface, it’s very user-friendly and easy to get started.

Social Media

CoSchedule allows you to connect your social media accounts and view, schedule, and publish social media messages to your various personal and business accounts. You can invite your whole team to retweet and reshare through CoSchedule. Similar to Buffer or Hootsuite, CoSchedule allows you to fully manage your social accounts in one place. But, unlike those tools, when you have content set up in CoSchedule, you can attach social media messages directly to that content. The marketing calendar also allows different team members to see when the different posts are scheduled (and to which platforms) to understand cadence and messaging, complete reviews, and more.

Bonus: CoSchedule allows you to share content using the CoSchedule Chrome extension, without ever having to enter the platform.

Blog and Content Management

Managing the blogging process can be challenging without the right tool. Making sure blogs are scheduled on the right days, reviewed by all the appropriate parties, and that content is planned for the month or quarter takes a lot of work. It is also sometimes hard to keep people on the same page or track updates, especially when blogs are extremely technical and require several rounds of reviews.

CoSchedule eliminates the stress of managing the blogging process manually by integrating the entire outfit into the same marketing calendar as the social posts. CoSchedule integrates with many tools, including WordPress, Google Analytics, and Google Docs. These integrations are designed to help you move seamlessly from creation to execution by syncing your tools into one place.

With the ability to assign tasks, add comments, and determine deadlines, CoSchedule goes beyond your typical marketing calendar and becomes a helpful project management tool.

CoSchedule centralizes all the efforts and conversations relating to your blog and content to simplify as much as possible.

Marketing Projects

While CoSchedule is not a marketing automation platform, it does allow you to make your marketing campaigns more visible to more people. You can invite people from different departments so they can see what’s happening in Marketing. This can be important for support teams who need to be able to talk to customers about possible promotions. Or even when the VP of Marketing has a check in with the CMO.

Because you’ll bring all of your marketing efforts and your team into one place, you’ll eliminate information silos. Your company will go from separate departments to collaborating teams in no time.


CoSchedule also has options for agencies that help their clients with content generation and management.

The agencies subscription allows you to work with all of your clients on one platform by centralizing the review process. Additionally, CoSchedule can help you improve retention. You’re able to explicitly communicate results through the native analytics platform. You can also visually present all of the campaigns your team is running in a given time period.


CoSchedule is a great new tool for marketing teams and agencies that want to centralize their marketing efforts. It’s easy to use, visually appealing and has several pricing tiers to support your marketing objectives. However, at the time of this post (February 2017), you are not able to purchase additional user seats ad hoc, and the jump from Team Marketing (currently priced at $60/month for 5 users) to Team Pro ($300/month for 25 users) may be too much for start-ups with a limited budget.

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