Masterclass: How to Build Sales Pipeline By Leading a Remote SDR Team

In this uncertain time, B2B tech companies are scrambling to maintain their pipeline with a suddenly-remote SDR team. The old ways of managing your SDR team no longer work, you’ve lost the qualitative measures you once used to monitor performance, you’re not sure what quantitative metrics are missing… and it all feels like it could come crashing down around you as the month goes on.

But, for those companies that respond correctly, this shift could actually IMPROVE their SDR team’s performance capabilities. Imagine coming back from this crisis with a BETTER SDR team. DemandZEN has developed one of the top SDR teams in the industry, and has done so 100% remote for our entire existence.

We believe remote SDR teams give unique advantages… but only when managed correctly. So we wanted to give you four secrets that make the transition to a 100% remote SDR team easier.

Watch the video above and let us know how we can help. If you’d like further guidance, please reach out to our Co-Founder, Amanda Moore.

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