3 Strategies to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads

optimize your linkedin ads

Social media marketing for B2B businesses has become an important part of the paid advertising puzzle. LinkedIn is especially popular in the B2B space. As social media becomes more ingrained in our culture, businesses are testing these platforms to not only bring in new sales, but also to nurture leads in their existing databases. Every advertising venture needs a solid strategy. Optimizing your LinkedIn ads is one way to maximize your paid efforts.

Narrow Targeting for Your Ads

LinkedIn ads allow you to pinpoint your perfect customers based on professional information from their profiles. Take advantage of this available information by creating buyer personas. Leveraging your buyer personas will help you target the LinkedIn profiles of your ideal customers. Job title, executive level, and skills targeting will ensure your ads are seen by the correct audience. You can add even more targeting options. Users degree and alma mater will specifically target individuals with certain expertise.

To further narrow your audience, consider LinkedIn’s account-based marketing (ABM) features. ABM allows you to tailor your content in all stages of the customer lifecycle. With your new list of targeted accounts, you can run multiple campaigns through LinkedIn sponsored content and email campaigns to help generate and nurture leads.

Conversion Tracking

LinkedIn conversion tracking is available for contact forms, event sign-ups, and white paper downloads. Optimize your LinkedIn ads by removing non-converting ads. Use the lead values option in LinkedIn for advanced categorization. Different lead types can help you determine your lead quality. LinkedIn’s lead values are a version of lead scoring. A lead value is a currency-based value given to a lead based on the type of campaign they converted on.

For instance, a lead that comes in through an introductory webinar might convert to a customer quickly. So, you assign a higher value to this type of lead. Meanwhile, a lead that comes in via an introductory white paper may need additional nurturing and thus is assigned a lower lead value. Assigning a lead value that corresponds to how quickly the lead converts to a customer is pivotal to improving your advertising ROI.

Return on Ad Spend Evaluation Metric

Users can determine the ROI of their LinkedIn ads by looking at the conversion rate and cost per conversion metrics. By adding a lead value, however, you can further determine the success of a campaign. When you add a lead value to different types of leads, you will see the total conversion value and the return on ad spend. These values can help you determine if the current campaigns are working for your business or if you need to make any changes. This also helps you evaluate because it shows your ads are performance over time. Regularly adjust lead values as leads convert to sales to accurately measure ROI.


Optimizing your LinkedIn ads is just one way to improve your ad spend. With over 45% of LinkedIn professionals in upper management positions, the platform is a great way to target decision makers. DemandZEN can help you create a strategy to optimize your LinkedIn ads. Contact us today!

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