Best Live Chat Software Tool for Different Business Needs

Best Live Chat Software Tool for Different Business Needs

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that every business has unique needs. That means there is never a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Regardless of your organization, you should be using the best live chat software tool available for your needs. Let’s find out which one is right for your business!


Intercom offers solutions that work together to connect the teams that interact with customers most: sales, marketing, and support. Even in one organization, different teams require different functionalities. That’s why the Intercom Platform gives your business a tool where all solutions work together in one place and are powered by live customer data. The platform is robust in functionality, usable across devices, and is extremely conversational, with a look and feel comparable to Apple’s iMessage. Regardless of which Intercom solution you choose, the platform is clean and easy for customers and employees and remains focused on building relationships – especially by incorporating fun things like .gifs and emojis!



The Intercom live chat software tool that’s right for you depends on your team’s focus and goals, so let’s break them down:

Intercom Engage

Teams with goals centered around acquiring new customers, giving them a smooth onboard, and retaining/creating active customers can:

  • Use customized targeting criteria to create, tailor, and deliver messages
  • Create email campaigns using the information gathered by Intercom on the website to effectively retain active customers.
  • Track and measure all customer activities on your website or in your product.
  • Deliver customized messages and content based on the visitor’s website interactions

Intercom Educate

Teams with goals centered around helping customers by sharing and creating the right help content can:

  • Import help articles if they already have them or
  • Easily create new articles based precisely on customer needs.
  • Create content without the aid of outside departments.
  • Easily select articles to add to chat conversations once they are created or imported.

You’re also able to search through the articles when you’re looking for something specific and preview any article (just to be sure!) before sending it to your customer.

Many customers prefer to find answers on their own, so your team will want to organize your help articles. You can do this by creating collections within Intercom, using clear titles and descriptions, both of which will appear in your site search as well as Google searches. Customers are able to give feedback on the help articles you’re providing. This is a great way to give them a voice.

Intercom Respond

Teams with goals centered around supporting customers at scale using the customer’s preferred method of communication can:

  • Manage all visitor exchanges – including in-app chat, email, and social – in one collaborative team inbox. It’s time to treat customers as people, not tickets.
  • Filter incoming messages so they can be handled by the appropriate parties

Regardless of where the messages are coming from or which support team is the most equipped to respond, this Intercom solution enables you to see how your team is performing. Then, managers can identify ways their teams can improve or optimize.

Intercom Acquire

Acquire is a combination of Intercom Engage + Intercom Respond. We recently discussed the importance of customer service in marketing, so the ability to engage customers and move them through the buyer’s journey while providing top-notch support is right up our alley.

With each of the Intercom solutions, your organization can white-label. You can also create a personalized site experience for visitors by sending videos, links, buttons, and more. Visitors can see their previous chat history, and choose to be notified via SMS message or email when someone has responded to their chat. Once you choose which solution is best for you, your team can try it for free during a 14-day trial.

Though Intercom has many options within one software platform, there are still other great tools for you to consider.



If your team has goals centered around improving customer satisfaction and increasing online sales results, LiveChat is another great option. Its flexible pricing structure makes this live chat software tool a great option for companies of all sizes.

Teams are able to chat live with customers on your website with automated messages and email capture. You can even tailor the chat experience with geo-targeting. Because LiveChat is more focused on customer service and satisfaction, the software reflects those customer support goals with ticket collaboration. That feature focus allows your team to track tickets effectively and collaborate with team members.

Your team is even able to handle customer service requests beyond your website. With social integration, your team can communicate with customers via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. In addition, LiveChat has a social monitoring functionality, where your team can monitor social activity for your brand(s) and products(s) and respond to customers’ messages in the social network.

Social media is a huge tool for communication, so it’s important that your team is able to monitor and respond quickly. But that isn’t always easy. Usually, when people reach out via social media, they expect an immediate response. That expectation, coupled with publicity, can make-or-break your customer service goals, meaning LiveChats functionality is crucial to attaining those goals. And, with a 30-day free trial, there’s no reason to not try it.



Olark’s live chat software tool focuses on making relationships with customers last. Teams focusing on boosting sales, solving issues, and understanding customers should consider using Olark. This solution is scalable and can grow and adapt as your team continues to develop and learn. On top of that, the flexible pricing structure makes it an option for businesses of all sizes – from small to enterprise.

Because Olark appeals to teams who want to create and foster relationships, its functionalities combine sales and marketing tactics with customer service and support capabilities. Your team is able to see who visitors are and what they’re looking for, even seeing what’s in the customer’s shopping cart.

Olark integrates with software your team already uses to optimize processes, like SalesForce, Google Analytics, and Zendesk. Like LiveChat and Intercom, Olark also knows that you talk to customers in various ways, so it connects with help desks and CRMs to keep conversations in one place – even if they took place by email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, live chat, or all of the above!


All of these tools are among the best tools on the market, but the absolute best live chat software tool is the one that makes the most sense for you and your team. Our recommendation? Choose the best software to support your goals. Move forward with that mindset, and your company will be sure to rank your live chat software tool #1 on the market!

If you’re interested in figuring out how to incorporate the best live chat software tool into your organization’s business strategy, contact us. We’d be happy to help!





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