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Join a team of fully-remote cold calling professionals, marketers, and business developers at DemandZEN. We stay closely connected with our colleagues but also have unrivaled flexibility and work/life balance. We’re a fast-growing, results-based, family friendly place to work and we firmly believe that our employees deserve the best.

We’ve not only established a value-driven workplace culture but also offer compelling benefits. DemandZEN is dedicated to continual learning, and we encourage our employees to set personal goals and commit to building useful skills. Whether it’s general training or official certifications, we wholeheartedly believe that your ongoing growth is a top priority.

Core Values

We live our values every day and don’t compromise on great results. We’re proud of our core values, and strive to work in an environment where we are:

Honest and Open
Transparency is a must. This is the backbone that helps us to live all of our core values every day.

We are not rigid. We will absorb any and all suggestions to build  better results for our clients and our employees.

Team Oriented
We thrive on collaboration. We are a remote organization that values teamwork and actively works to support developing teams vs silos with our employees and clients alike.

Own Our Results
We are responsible and own our actions, which gets us to our results. Hard, smart work is a key attribute of our team.

Solve Problems
We confidently solve demand generation problems for our clients. We also work to solve problems independently in a timely manner, with the understanding the organization is here to help as needed.

Communicate Effectively
We value effective communication within our organization and with our clients. We are ready to both listen and understand.

We are empathetic to the challenges of work-life balance. We structure our company to find the perfect “ZEN” between work and family. To the greatest extent possible, we are flexible so work and family can exist in harmony.


Working From Home

DemandZEN is a 100% remote company. Our employees have the privilege of working from their own home office, giving them more freedom and flexibility in their day-to-day. We pride ourselves on providing a great environment for work-life balance.

Time Off

At DemandZEN, we offer full-time employees eight paid holidays every year and give our employees three weeks of paid time off. Holding true to our family-oriented core values, our company shuts down for one week during the holidays so employees can spend time with those who matter most.


We care about our employees’ financial security. That is why DemandZEN offers 401k matching for all full-time employees after the first 90 days of employment.


DemandZEN offers employees health insurance as part of its benefits package, including options for vision and dental. We also offer the ability to set up an HSA account, FSA Dependent Care Policy and/or FSA Medical Care Policy.

Work Expenses

DemandZEN will cover cell phone and internet expenses up to $150/month for full-time employees. We also provide employees with a desk phone, laptop, mouse, and additional screen for the duration of employment. Some other expenses may be approved as well.

There are jobs—then, there are careers.

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