Our Company


Experienced Sales Reps

Our SDR team has many years of experience working in B2B tech. We understand the modern-day infrastructure stack and how to build cadences to communicate complex messaging that resonates with technical buyers, and ultimately makes cold outbound campaigns successful. Each of our Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) is an experienced sales professional with experience communicating the complex value propositions and messaging associated with high-tech products.

Scalable & Flexible

Our ramp time is fast, and we are up and running with little effort from our clients. We can scale our production up or down based on our clients’ needs and pivot our targeting and messaging as we learn the landscape of their unique buying team.

Intelligent Outreach

We do not take a spray and pray approach. We verify each buyer persona within your target accounts and create messaging to appeal to the different personas to ensure that each outreach resonates.

List Building

We don’t buy lead lists; we build them in house. Our calling team is our research team. Just knowing the right titles is not enough anymore.

Buying Team Identification

Most enterprise companies have six plus individuals on the buying team; we identify each member of the buying team inside of your target accounts and determine their role in the sales process.

Contact Information Verification

Our experienced team of researchers identifies contact information for leads including email, direct office lines, and mobile phone numbers. We utilize a tech stack that includes multiple data sources. Our team verifies all data before it goes into the campaign, ensuring outbound efforts are not wasted on incorrect contact information.

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