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22 Lead Generation Tips for B2B Tech Companies

How can tech companies master B2B lead generation to reach more customers? Generating leads is a marketer’s single most important objective, but in the ever-evolving SaaS and tech industries, it can be difficult to execute. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate B2B lead generation guide.


Hashtags: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Hashtags are everywhere, but do you know how to use them? Where they came from? What they’re even for? Check out DemandZEN’s Hashtags: Ultimate How-To Guide for everything you need to know. You’ll learn the history of the hashtag and how to use it on different social media platforms. In addition, you will learn how to build hashtag campaigns that generate interest.

Success Stories

acunu_logo (2)


Big data company Acunu hired DemandZEN’s cold calling team to generate leads for their open source software. Relying on their technical knowledge and sales experience, the DemandZEN team achieved the results Acunu needed.

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Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data, a big data analytics powerhouse, more than tripled their marketing-driven pipeline and closed millions in revenue by partnering with DemandZEN.

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DemandZEN was brought on board due to their targeted lead research and cold-calling capabilities. Through these services, Spoken Communications solutions deployed to nearly 1000 agents

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Infoworks needed a way to fill their opportunity funnel without adding additional headcount on either the sales or marketing team. The ultimate measure of both teams was how full the sales pipeline is for their big data product offering, thus Infoworks’ main goal was to relay their organization’s value proposition and book meetings that would result in pipeline. They relied on DemandZEN’s team to not only identify the buying team within their target accounts, but to also source each buyer persona’s contact information to make purposeful cold calls that resulted in initial meetings for their sales team.

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