DemandZEN’s Marketing Tool of the Month: Grammarly

DemandZEN's Marketing Tool of the Month

Finding the right tool to solve your business problems takes time. There’s always a new hill to climb, new metrics to track, new challenges to face.

That’s why, each month, we highlight a tool that solves a different business problem. You learn about tools that might be a great fit for your business without wasting time on research. In this month’s post, we’ll focus on Grammarly.



Grammarly is an online writing tool you can use to check your work for grammar, punctuation, typos and more. But, Grammarly is more than just a website, it’s also a Google Chrome plugin. Turn it on, and you’ll be notified about suggested corrections when working on website content, writing emails, or scheduling social media posts.

Grammarly scans your writing for over 250 advanced grammar rules and is able to check for contextual spelling errors (like when you meant “lose” and typed “loose” and submitted it to your boss). Furthermore, it can recommend word substitutions to improve your readability.

Upgrade to premium

Use Grammarly outside of Google Chrome with their premium plans. Premium plans include everything their free app does and a whole lot more. Most noteworthy, premium plans allow you to use Grammarly in Microsoft Office products. to enhance the spell check features and put your best writing forward.

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker scans your text and compares it to the rest of the Web. Any portions that are too similar to previously published works will be highlighted.

The tool doesn’t only look for plagiarism, however. In addition, you can generate citations in any of the major writing formats (APA, MLA, and Chicago) instantly using the plagiarism checker.

While the plagiarism checker is great for anyone wanting to improve their writing skills, it’s especially helpful for teachers, students, or marketers using third party writers.

Enhance your vocabulary

For those times you just need to find a better word, Grammarly’s vocabulary enhancement feature acts as your pop-up thesaurus. As you write, this feature will suggest alternate words to use so you’re not relying on the same dictionary time after time.

Professional proofreading

Sometimes a robot just doesn’t cut it. You need your work reviewed by a professional. For small marketing departments with limited resources, Grammarly’s professional proofreading feature is perfect. This means you’re getting help with the way the content itself is written, and not just whether or not your sentence structure is on point.


Want to learn about other tools? Check out last month’s spotlight.

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