DemandZEN’s Marketing Tool of the Month: Wordstream

wordstream - marketing tool of the month

wordstream - marketing tool of the month

PPC is hard

Let’s admit it. There are a ton of things to juggle when it comes to PPC. You need to consider your budget, quality score, keyword volume, conversion rate, landing pages, assets—and it doesn’t stop there. That’s why it’s always nice to have a little help. That’s why this month, we’re highlighting Wordstream.

What is Wordstream?

Wordstream is a PPC management and optimization tool for Google, Bing, and Facebook. Users connect to their PPC campaigns from within Wordstream, making edits using an interface that is arguably easier to use than the original PPC backends. It also provides a single place for you to do reporting, rather than going into Google, Bing, or Facebook individually and taking up your valuable time.

Now let’s get into what makes Wordstream unique!

20-minute work week

The biggest problem with most PPC campaigns is that no one is making changes to them. Wordstream sought to fix this problem with its 20-minute work week tool, making optimization no longer a guessing game. Wordstream synthesizes your individual campaign data with best practices, and makes suggestions to optimize your campaign. These suggestions come through automatically at the same time every week depending on when you first set up your Wordstream account.

Wordstream will make suggestions around keywords, negative keywords, budget, adgroup organization, extensions, ad copy, and more. You can snooze suggestions if they don’t align with your goals. This also enables Wordstream to get to know your campaign better, making more tailored suggestions in the future.

The 20-minute work week honestly takes less than 20 minutes, and it’s well worth the price of Wordstream alone.

Query stream

Wordstream’s query stream tool is a sophisticated tool that gives you the search terms searchers use for your ads to populate. Not only does it give you the specific terms used, but it gives you the target keyword that matched the search term.

It also tells you the match type (broad, modified broad, phrase, or exact) of the target keyword, letting you know why your ad populated. From the query stream view, you can add keywords and negative keywords to your campaigns easily.

Customize your columns for better insights

Wordstream also gives you options to customize your columns so you can get more information on the keywords you’re using. You can see how much money you have to spend to get to the first page, top of the page, and No. 1 spot in ad positions.

Make changes to individual keywords based on how much you want to spend, knowing exactly where your ads will place in search results.

About DemandZEN’s marketing tool of the month

In our work, we test many different tools. That’s why we aim to share one of those tried-and-tested tools with you each month. These are applications that we use on a regular basis for a variety of different digital marketing projects.

Check out our last marketing tool of the month.

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