Duolingo Advertising: What’s Possible Now That It’s Here?

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Since my last post about advertising on Duolingo, it seems that Duolingo has officially committed to ads despite some backlash from their user base. Duolingo advertising is in full swing. After every lesson on the mobile app, users see an ad. While users take lessons online, display ads generate.

So love it or hate it, marketers now have a new option for reaching fans. This blog post takes a look at what options you have available.

Google Display Network

Duolingo is a Google project, so it makes sense that you should be able to use the Google Display Network to show your ads there. If you want to advertise on both the Duolingo app and the website, this is probably your best option. Make sure you add Duolingo to your preferred placements.

Facebook Audience Network

In early 2016, Facebook expanded its Audience Network to mobile applications with great success for advertisers. Since Duolingo has implemented advertising, you can now have your Facebook ads show up after a Duolingo lesson. For companies that are loyal to their Facebook ads, this is a great opportunity to expand your reach a little further than the confines of a newsfeed.

You can also use Facebook’s partner AdRoll to place ads across the Facebook Audience Network.

Google Universal App

If your goal is app downloads, the Google Universal App is the best way to promote your app on Duolingo. The Google Universal App requires the least amount of effort on your part. You simply provide the copy and spend while Google designs the ad for you. It’s hands off while still giving you access to the analytics that allow you to further customize and test your ad’s performance.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Finally, Duolingo now has a sponsorship opportunity. Sponsoring Duolingo is a minimum $250,000 commitment. The high cost allows advertisers to “take over” the Duolingo mobile app for 7 straight days meaning every ad users see will be your ad. Now that’s some visibility. But is it worth it?

There’s no way to know unless you begin testing advertising opportunities through the three previous options. Measure your Duolingo results against other results in the display network, audience network, or universal app. If you find success with Duolingo advertising through one of the three previous channels, a one-week Duolingo sponsorship might make sense for your business. But don’t do it for just anything. Make sure you have a discussion around what type of campaign you should be running.

Is Duolingo advertising right for your business? Set up a consultation with DemandZEN. We’d be happy to talk about what types of PPC campaigns make the most sense for you.

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