Halloween Marketing: The Spookiest Emails to Hit My Inbox This October

halloween marketing emails

halloween marketing emails

Halloween is finally upon us, and the DemandZEN team is so excited to celebrate. We’re passionate about Halloween marketing, so we decided to share a few Halloween emails. These were sent to us over the past month, and we’re ranking them from least spooky to most spooky. Let’s go for a ride.

5. Columbia Winery

Subject line: Everyone Loves A Good Mystery

Starting off the list with the most mysterious email, but definitely the least spookiest. The Columbia Winery is embracing the spirit of Halloween without going too far. This is a brand with a more mature audience and a muted color scheme, so it’s no surprise they’re going light on the Halloween festivities. However, this deal expires October 31 at midnight—and that’s pretty scary!

mystery email marketing

4. HubSpot

Subject line: [Partner Digest] No Tricks, Just Treats!

HubSpot isn’t trying to scare us this October, they just want to give us good news! Halloween marketing doesn’t have to rely on ghouls and goblins. This email is light on the Halloween theme overall, but it’s always nice to be reminded of candy via email. HubSpot also closes out this email with “Have a boo-tiful Halloween.”

In their “no tricks, just treats” graphics in the screen grab below, I would have loved to see some colorful candy images to tie everything together. A nice Halloween reference, but all in all, not that spooky.

trick or treat email marketing

3. G2Crowd

Subject line: Serena, a treat for you!

G2Crowd is focusing on the treats this year, too. But G2Crowd gets the edge because the content of their email is more Halloween-focused. Scares, nightmares, spookiness—this is the type of language I love to see in Halloween email marketing! While I’m not a ghostbuster, and can’t think of any tools that literally make my job “less spooky,” it gives me a great new way to think about their call to action. This is a really great example of taking a run-of-the-mill email send and elevating it with a fun theme.

nightmare email marketing

2. Geico

Subject line: 5 Spooky House Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Geico gets major brownie points for getting me to open their email by using adorable jack-o-lantern and ghost emojis in their subject lines. I’m a sucker for a good emoji in a subject line, and this was no exception.

halloween emojis in subject lines

But once I open the email, I’m a little disappointed by the lack of Halloween graphics. The graphic works for most emails, but they could have incorporated a Halloween color scheme to truly embrace the theme. The content of the blog Geico wants me to read is perfect for Halloween—are those noises in my house the sign of a serious problem, or just my friendly, neighborhood ghost?

spooky email marketing

1. SEMrush

Subject line: Nightmare on SEO street: ready for some thrills and chills this Halloween?

Finally, here is the No. 1 Halloween marketing email to hit my inbox this October. SEMrush brought their A-game with their Halloween email send with an original subject line, spooky graphic, and a Halloween-themed call to action.


Going through the effort of creating a well-crafted Halloween email like this leaves an impression on the email recipient. The quiz SEMrush’s email links to is fun and gives me great advice on my SEO strategy. It’s also an exceptionally shareable email, whether just for the graphic or the quiz.

exemplary halloween email marketing
Events like Halloween give marketers the opportunity to create memorable content. If you didn’t take advantage this year, pin some of your favorite ideas for 2018! It’s never too early to start planning.

Have a safe and happy Halloween from the DemandZEN team.

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