Here’s How Your CRM can Help Convert Leads

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of business strategies designed to optimize business-customer interaction with the ultimate goal of driving sales growth. It’s an integrated approach involving marketing, sales, customer care, and tech support. The use of CRM technology is also one of the best ways to convert leads.

Of course, simply purchasing CRM software won’t do the trick. You need to carefully deploy your CRM strategy across the company. Proper implementation of your CRM solution should be a shared responsibility between the management team and the employees. You can alleviate much of this responsibility if you let our team help you choose and implement a CRM solution.

If you manage to get the most out of your CRMs, you'll be able to convert leads in the long run

Forging strong customer relationships is one of the main prerequisites for business success. Well-designed CRM software can boost your lead conversion and customer retention rates. All the while minimizing churn.

A quality CRM will help you track opportunities and automate your processes. It will also help eliminate errors and data duplication throughout the life cycle of a lead.

Improve relationships with your prospects

The number one rule of business is to keep your focus on customers, match their expectations, and always try to exceed those expectations. The premise is simple – satisfied customers help you generate new customers.  You can achieve this by implementing a CRM solution. It will facilitate an optimized and consistent interaction with your prospective clients.

Once your leads are warm, for instance by subscribing to your newsletter or following you on social platforms, you have to maintain constant contact. This involves sending an automated welcome email when a person expresses interest in your product or sending customized emails based on their activity at regular intervals. It’s also important to analyze and track their web behavior patterns.

Good CRMs let you do all these things, plus create useful reports so you can adjust your marketing strategies. You can monitor each step in the sales process, starting from creating the lead, to closing the sale.

Collect important lead-related info

You can use your CRM tool to collect lead generation data from a variety of sources. These sources include manual entries, social networks, websites, surveys, referrals, etc. With your CRM, all lead-relevant data flows to a single location. This allows for easy retrieval and a comprehensive history on each lead.  

All information that is redundant or no longer needed can be easily deleted to avoid clutter. Keep in mind that above all, the data stored by the CRM must be usable. It must be easily retrievable on demand, in the shape and form required by the department that needs it.

Your CRM will provide a detailed insight into your leads, their behavior, and purchase patterns. It can collect data on similar products the leads are using, their location, niche, and so on. This will allow you to track and analyze lead profiles, such as the number of calls needed for conversion, types of leads most likely to convert, etc.

With this information at your disposal, your company can tweak its advertising and sale strategies for the best results.

Facilitate lead qualification

One of the most common mistakes in the sales business is giving unnecessary attention to unqualified leads. Needless to say, directing your sales efforts towards people that aren’t likely to purchase your product is a waste of time and resources.

Collecting extensive lead data makes it easier to determine which leads are qualified to go up the sales pipeline. At the same time, bad leads are filtered out of the CRM system.

CRM tools can aid lead qualification by supplying your marketing and sales teams with different qualification parameters. This includes opening emails, clicking links, downloading content from your website, and use of demo or trial versions.

To ensure conversion, lead generation must go hand in hand with lead nurturing. Quality CRM software will help you do this in an easy and structured way. Closing a sale is a lengthy process. It requires strategy, patience and due attention placed on every lead until they are ready to make a purchase. Your CRM can be a powerful ally in this process.

Automate your data entry process

CRM data is essential to the design of sales strategies, sales metrics, and generation of reports and forecasts. To make this possible, all prospect/customer related data must be fed to the CRM in a timely and meticulous fashion. However, your sales reps shouldn’t spend all their time entering data manually. This is where a good CRM solution can save you valuable time.

Automating the data input and mundane daily tasks related to securing and nurturing leads is a good idea. It will give your sales staff more time to focus on conversion and sales. In other words, your CRM takes care of the lead database management so your company can focus on income generation.  

Optimize your sales process

The sales process is complex and multifaceted. It requires managing a myriad of tasks and activities, such as follow-ups, demo calls, deadlines, scheduled calls, and data updates. CRM tools allow you to optimize your workflow, avoid errors and never miss a single event.

Most CRMs support marketing automation, sales tracking and contact management for customer care and tech support needs. This includes the creation of various email templates and customized lead generation campaigns. It may also include specific sales templates for sending messages to prospective clients.

CRM solutions help you keep track of your sales flow and organize your sales opportunities. This will let you see what you need to do in order to move those leads along the sales funnel.

When used to their full capacity, CRMs can greatly facilitate your decision-making process and improve your overall business efficiency.

The size of your customer base and sales growth are directly dependent on the success of your lead generation efforts. You can invest many years in trying to master lead generation and testing different CRMs and business tools.

Alternatively, you can save time and money and let the experts at DemandZEN help you. We fine-tune our lead generation campaigns to match your exact business needs. More importantly, we can help you choose and implement the perfect CRM for your business. We have years of experience integrating campaigns into the best CRMs and business tools. Let us help you save time. Contact us now.

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