How Employers Can Survive The “Great Resignation”


This summer, employers across the U.S. saw a record breaking numbers of resignations. In July alone, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 4 million Americans quit their jobs. For many, working full-time during the Covid-19 pandemic has led to what feels like inescapable cycle of burnout. For others, the pandemic created circumstances where it is no longer feasible to keep their current position. Employers and researchers are calling this increasing trend the “Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit.”

While some employers are choosing to cut their losses and push forward, others are taking this “Great Resignation” as a sign to think outside-the-box. Keep reading for some practical ways to help protect your staff and your company from this occupational trend.

The New Definition of Flexibility

The pandemic has turned many people’s lives upside-down in unpredictable ways. Among the thousands of circumstances that now make it difficult to come to an office for work everyday, the most common reason for working remotely is greater flexibility. For those employees with children at home, or individuals with underlying health conditions, the added flexibility of working from home can allow for a better work-life balance.

These factors have made working remotely an ideal option for many employees across the nation. Employers who are able to honor this level of flexibility, even temporarily, may see more retention because their employees feel safer working from home.

Sweeten the Deal with Incentives

Whether you’re looking to hire new employees or simply boost morale among your current team, incentives are a great way to do just that. Choose incentives that get your team excited, like cash bonuses or vacation days! Or, don’t be afraid to get a little creative: tickets to Disney, anyone?

Incentives are an effective way to keep your employees engaged, motivated, and excited. Plus, it’s a win-win! You as the employer get the best out of your team, and your team gets to reap additional benefits of their hard work.

Prioritize Collaboration & Teamwo

With many employees still working from home, it’s easy to miss out on the social aspect of the office. However, it is crucial to your team’s success that you still feel part of a unit. Something as simple as starting the day with a quick team huddle can set the tone for the rest of the work day. With tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, employees can attend these meetings in person or remotely!

At DemandZen, we like to have regular one-on-one meetings with each of our team members. Managers host a half an hour once a week with each employee on the team. This touch-base is a great way to efficiently discuss work-related matters, but also to check-in on the individual’s wellbeing. Check out this blog post to see the outline we use for DemandZen one-on-ones.

Another way to keep your team feeling unified is by creating smaller subteams within your entire team. This provides for opportunities to collaborate closely with co-workers and prevents your staff from feeling isolated by remote work.

If you’re looking to take the stress of appointment setting off of your team while you’re working remotely, check out all that DemandZen has to offer.

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