Tips for Perfecting Active Listening in Sales

DemandZEN Blog - Better Active Listening in Sales (2)

DemandZEN Blog - Better Active Listening in Sales

Active listening in sales is so important, but it’s also a lot of work. It requires your complete concentration. It requires good memory and better recall. We won’t lie, it can be tough to actively listen. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for better active listening in sales.

Eliminate distractions

First things first: Turn off the music, hide your cell phone, exit out of emails or chat windows, and take a deep breath. Get the things happening outside of the call out of your mind. Personal issues and bad days are hard to overcome, but you can do it! Take a moment before each call to prepare mentally. You might reread your pitch or restate your sales mantra. Whatever your routine is, just make sure when you get on that call that’s the only thing you’re doing.

Listen with the intent to ask follow-up questions

Part of sales is keeping the conversation going. When you listen to a prospect with the intention of asking follow-up questions, you’re more likely to listen to everything that prospect has to say. Any part of what they’re saying could lead to something that resonates with your pitch.

Take notes on personal details

Sometimes we’re so focused on taking notes on what a prospect’s problem is that we forget about those important personal details. Calling is social. You get to know someone, not just their problem. When they mention their kid’s soccer game, awesome vacation, or upcoming move, take note. These personal details can sometimes be the reason for a delayed first meeting. When you give them a callback, bring it up. They’ll remember that you remembered.

Evaluate yourself

After each call, honestly evaluate yourself. Think about the conversation you had. How much of it can you recall? How many questions did you ask? What was the prospect’s mood or tone at the beginning of the call compared to the end of it?

Critically evaluating yourself is a necessity in cold calling, and all aspects of sales interactions. You need to constantly want to improve in order to be the best b2b sales rep you can be.

Now that you’re prepared for better active listening in sales calls, get to it! Your next call will be your best one yet. DemandZEN believes in you.

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