Top Sales Tools According to DemandZEN’s Cold Calling Team

DZ blog - DemandZEN's favorite sales tools

DZ blog - DemandZEN's favorite sales tools

If you’re a sales professional, you know how much your work is impacted by the tools you use. A good sales tool should enable you to work faster, stay more organized, and get more done. When the tools you use impact your workflow and slow you down, that’s when you have an issue. You can be the best sales professional in the world, but if you’re using the wrong tools your work will be affected.

We recently surveyed our cold calling team to find what they consider the top sales tools. Here are the results.

Salesforce CRM

We just can’t hide our love for Salesforce at DemandZEN. And that’s precisely why this CRM is the top sales tool on our list.

Since contacts and meetings are easily accessible from the dashboard, it eliminates the need for maintaining an external spreadsheet. One of our cold callers even called it the ultimate multitasking system.

Almost any business, from midsize to enterprise, can find value in Salesforce thanks to its multi-tiered pricing. Enjoy customized dashboards and multiple connectors to other necessary software like marketing automation software, web analytics tools, and dialers.


The DemandZEN cold calling team’s second favorite tool is WittyParrot, a unique content management tool that enables sales professionals to respond to emails faster.

WittyParrot is a desktop widget, making it easy to expand or hide as you work through your day. It even works on mobile devices, and it integrates with our sales team’s favorite CRM (Salesforce!).

Our team is able to quickly search for information that customers are asking for, and then drag and drop the relevant content directly into emails. It’s an easy-to-use tool that makes sending emails faster. This also means our team is responding to customers more quickly, increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Yes, LinkedIn is a sales tool, too! LinkedIn has great search functionality that allows sales professionals to confirm they’re contacting the right person (and the right job title). Calls go a lot smoother when the person calling is confident the person on the other end of the phone is the right person to contact.

Additionally, social outreach needs to be a part of your sales strategy. It’s just one more way to stay engaged with customers so you don’t lose touch. LinkedIn allows you to better establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Google Drive

If your business isn’t already using Google Drive, it’s time to get with the program and join the 21st century. Google Drive allows users easily share documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other content easily. Everything is stored in a single location that is easily accessible.

Most companies will organize a Google Drive by department, sharing access when appropriate. It’s especially great for internal documents. Google Drive is also helpful when sharing information with clients or prospects.

Team Dialer

Looking to make more calls? Team Dialer is our cold calling team’s favorite dialer because it allows them to be more productive.

Sometimes we can feel stretched thin with all of the work we have to do, but with a tool this powerful it’s easy to stay on top of work.


In this fast paced work environment, using a web scraper is valuable to enhance the ability to source and call people more quickly. Every great sales team needs a great scraper. DemandZEN uses an internally created scraper, but there are plenty of scrapers (both free and paid) you can download.

Check out the free Chrome extension Web Scraper. Paid versions for enterprises are also available.

Now that you’ve got the tools you need, what are you waiting for? Start calling! But if you need a hand, DemandZEN is waiting by the phone (figuratively).

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