Proven Techniques for Using Quora for Marketing

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High website traffic is one of the top marketing priorities for any business. It is also a very efficient customer acquisition strategy. While there are many tricks to getting traffic, we’re going to focus on using Q&A sites to do this. Specifically, using Quora for marketing is an excellent way to boost your online presence and generate leads.

The concept of Q&A sites is simple. Users post questions on various topics which are then answered by other users who consider themselves knowledgeable in a respective area.

In most cases, these questions contain long tail keywords that visitors are likely to use when they’re closer to making a purchase. As a result, the sites can gather search engine traffic very quickly. 

The usability of these sites for marketing purposes varies considerably, with some sites providing low-quality answers and the links posted there often getting deleted.

But first of all, before you decide using Quora and other similar sites for marketing and traffic generation, you need to determine whether you can actually benefit from them.

For instance, you should consider using these sites if your average traffic volume is several thousand visitors per month. In this case, generating an additional couple of thousand will make a substantial difference. However, if you need really massive traffic volumes, you’re less likely to achieve it using this method.

Using Quora for marketing can significantly increase your website traffic

What is Quora and why use it for marketing?

Quora is a Q&A site where members can ask, answer, and edit questions on literally any topic. As a knowledge-sharing and learning platform, Quora connects people in need of information with people able to provide that information.

To use Quora, you’ll need to register, preferably using your real name rather than a screen name. You can also register using your Google or Facebook account. Answers can be upvoted or downvoted based on user opinions about their usefulness. Edits can be suggested for existing answers to improve their quality.

Quora is considered one of the best sites for high-quality answers. Members are mostly professionals in their fields. Quora contributors include some of the smartest and most powerful people in the world who would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to reach. This makes Quora a trusted and reliable source of information.

The concept of Quora allows you to direct your question to specific members instead of posting it broadly on the platform. You can search and follow specific questions and topics, get notified when new answers are available, and use Quora as a publishing platform to post content.

There are several reasons to include Quora in your marketing strategy. The platform has a vast user base, so you’ll get great exposure. You can show what you know on specific topics and stand out if your answers are good. If anyone inquires about your company, you can provide info directly. You can share content and include links to external sites, such as your main company site.

Best strategies for using Quora for marketing

So how can Quora help your marketing efforts? Check out the following proven strategies for using Quora for marketing purposes.

Create an eye-catching Quora profile

First off, to get the most out of Quora, you’ll need to work on your profile. This is important because when you post an answer, a portion of your profile (50 characters) is visible above the answer. This gives you a chance to advertise your business a bit and mention your products.

To make your profile as detailed as possible, include all your areas of expertise, interests, education, previous jobs, as well as links to your main website and your other social media accounts.

You can also create subject-specific biographies. This is useful if you want people to see your specific expertise related to a particular question you are answering.

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Follow topics, people and blogs

Quora offers an abundance of information on almost any topic. By following topics of interest, you can keep track of what users want to know about your field of business.

You can also opt to have these questions and answers delivered to your inbox. Quora is a great place to find new connections that share your interests. You can view the profiles of other users to learn more, follow people and blogs, and receive updates.

Become the most viewed writer

If you use your knowledge to frequently provide answers and suggestions on certain topics, you can become the most viewed writer for that topic, and consequently obtain the status of “an expert in the field”.

If you’ve included your brand name in your bio, you’ll get good exposure. Users will be able to see your product since you’ll appear on the most popular page for that topic.

To achieve the status of the most viewed writer, avoid copy-pasting. Your answers have to be original, long, and rich in detail. Above all, keep them meaningful and free of fluff. You can also add images and gifs to make the answers more attractive.

Select the right questions

Although you can answer any question you find on Quora, you should focus on specific ones that can help you promote your brand. Look for questions posted in your chosen topics. Answer questions on topics from your business area, or topics you have already covered in your blogs.

Search for threads that have been upvoted, i.e. viewed a lot. A good answer posted on such a thread can have thousands of views per day, and hopefully just as many clicks back to your main site.

Finding new questions is also a good strategy, because in this case, you’ll appear at the top of the answers list.

Prepare an answering strategy

Quora determines the order of the answers based on the number of upvotes. Hence, your answers have to be good enough to rank high for others to notice them. They also need to stick to a structure that helps you drive traffic back to your website.

You can achieve this in several ways. For instance, when answering a question that’s not closely related to your past content, answer it in sufficient detail and include links to your blog, if it seems logical and makes sense.

Alternatively, you can provide a short answer and refer the reader to an earlier post which covers the issue in question extensively enough. In this case, your link will fit in naturally.

You can also recommend your product directly, but make sure it’s not in a spammy, aggressive way.

For instance, if someone asks for a product that offers certain features and your offer fits the profile, make sure that you explain how your product will help them achieve their desired goals. This type of answer is important because it can directly lead to sales.

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Publish your blog posts on Quora

According to the 80/20 rule for engaging an audience on social media, you should dedicate 20 percent of your time to the creation of content and 80 percent to its promotion. To do this, you can re-post your past work on Quora by starting a blog.

Also, if you’re answering a question related to a post on your blog, you can include a link to that post to get clicks.

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