Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

motivate your sales team

Does it feel like your business can make more sales and profits? The chances are that if you better motivate your sales team, you might get very different results. And, to motivate your sales team better, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

motivate your sales team

Want to motivate your sales team? Find out what they want!

In business, more often than not, cash is king. Cash bonuses and prizes are usually a major driving force in motivating a sales team. Consider experimenting with the idea of giving cash prizes for achieving certain goals.

Another way to encourage your “squad” to perform better is to offer unique gifts for the most successful team players. Consider offering some rare, luxurious items that are highly coveted.

These prizes can be something pricey, yet simple. Think about the latest model of a famous watch brand, or a rare, expensive pen. A trip to an exotic destination is also a great incentive for many. Think of it as a status symbol that they will be proud to show off.

Encourage networking by allowing more breaks and fewer meetings

Business meetings with your sales team are important. However, it is also important to remember that “time is money,” and you certainly don’t want to waste it. Nothing kills motivation faster than having too many needless meetings. Such meetings will zap the energy right out of your salespeople.

Instead of scheduling meetings multiple times a week, try to encourage networking. They can use that time to bond with contacts, each other, and other professionals. This will give a better return than time-wasting meetings.

Don’t just reduce the number of meetings. Try to make the actual meetings better. Make sure those meetings with your sales team are better structured and more effective. Choose the meeting topics with priority in mind. Try to estimate the number of meetings that are truly necessary.

motivate your sales team - networking

Promote healthy competition and cooperation within the sales team

One of the most effective ways to motivate your sales team is to inspire everyone to perform better through healthy competition. Since being good in sales has a lot to do with being competitive, your sales squad will certainly enjoy it. 

In business, generally, there is nothing more inspiring than competition. It makes people stretch their own limits and overcome obstacles more easily. A healthy competition often boosts performance and improves results.  

If you manage to set up a working environment that encourages healthy competition, your sales team will improve in many ways. A productive environment will make them more effective in completing everyday tasks.

It will also make them more confident and more passionate about their work. They will cooperate better as a team. Everyone will try to do their best by playing their part in achieving company goals and overcoming obstacles.

Show gratitude through positive interaction with your teammates

While prizes and healthy competition are effective incentives, you can do even better. In most cases showing gratitude is the key to success. In larger companies, prizes and rewards can become a tradition. But, if they are something that happens on a regular basis, your team will come to expect them. They will no longer value them in the way you want them to.

If a company rewards all of its employees regularly, the motivation to achieve more and perform better at all times may decrease with time.

According to many successful entrepreneurs, high levels of motivation are closely related to high satisfaction. In business, this means that showing gratitude to your teammates makes them feel valued and causes satisfaction. This will directly increase their motivation. In many cases (especially in smaller businesses), gratitude has a higher impact on people than a cash prize or a benefit.  

motivate your sales team - positive interactions

Organize team-building activities

Team-building activities are beneficial in numerous ways. They help people “open up” more to their colleagues, and break down barriers between smaller groups or individuals. Those who are not working closely together get an opportunity to learn more about others and find new ways to add value to the teamwork.

Apart from developing better relationships, team-building activities help teammates adopt their natural roles in the team in a more genuine manner. For example, while some individuals are better at delegating tasks, others are most effective at strategic planning or checking for weak points and errors. Through fun team-building activities, each team member can easily recognize their part within the group and find the best way to contribute.

Build trust and then maintain it!

Successful teamwork is all about strong relationships among teammates. Trust is the essential ingredient of any fruitful relationship. If your sales team feels they can trust you, they will be inspired to overcome challenges and achieve business goals. At the same time, if they don’t trust you and therefore doubt your interests, they will not feel stimulated to do their best.

Being in the position of a team leader, you should focus on building trust and then maintaining it. The easiest way to do so is to be completely transparent about your business goals and the big picture. The main point here is to show each team member their path.

It will help them see where they fit within the company in the long run. This will create a positive atmosphere, as every member knows that they are making a difference and the company values them.

motivate your sales team - trust

Provide the right tools

Team building, rewards, healthy competition, and trust are a great start, but there’s one more crucial element to success. To effectively motivate your team, you want to provide them with the right tools.

A lack of leads, poorly designed landing page, and inadequate SEM content are some common issues that discourage sales teams. In order to avoid hurdles like these, consider letting some professionals help you. With our help, your sales team will love working for your business and producing ever more sales.

The team at DemandZEN is highly experienced and skilled in helping businesses that are looking to expand their revenue opportunities. We understand the market challenges and provide you with the best tools. This will allow your sales team overcome every challenge more easily.

The professionals at DemandZEN use the latest tools to give your business a crucial advantage over the competition. We look forward to working together with your sales team and helping you achieve your business goals.

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