Why a Welcome Email is Important

welcome email

…and how to maximize its effect.

A welcome email is one of the most important emails, and campaigns, to set up in your system and should be one of the first things you do. A lead that has filled out a form is literally asking for it, so it’s a great way to establish a connection to your lead and their inbox, as well as the fact that it’s the best way to keep a lead engaged later. Additionally, a recent study has shown that approximately three quarters of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications by email.


A welcome email typically has the highest open and click rates of any email you send. That’s not surprising, considering they expected it and the content within. However, it’s very important to capitalize on that first interaction.


First, provide them with whatever they requested or information about the next steps. If they asked for a whitepaper, give them the whitepaper. If they requested a phone call, let them know someone will reach out in a certain time frame. This simple step can establish an initial level of trust that can make or break future interactions with the prospect.


Next, offer them several easy ways to get in contact with you should they have questions or concerns. While a person may not be ready to talk to a sales rep the moment they download a whitepaper, they may want to discuss what they read or questions they have a few days later. If you don’t give them an easy way to contact you, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. It’s important to not limit the contact method to just phone calls or just email, however, because some people are more comfortable with one over the other and you don’t want to alienate a person based on their communication style.

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If you can, use personalization but make sure to not overdo it. Having a simple greeting at the beginning of the email is generally the perfect balance. “Hi Jim,” in the body makes the email feel like a conversation whereas “Jim, don’t miss this offer!” in the subject line makes you seem desperate. When in doubt, always opt for the conversational tone – your prospects are real people, not simply numbers on a screen.
Finally, offer them additional resources in the welcome email. By giving them the ability to access more of your content directly from their inbox, you’re able to keep them engaged and interested. People are busy. They work, they have families, they have responsibilities. Subsequently, people want the solution to their problem to appear like a genie. They don’t want to have to search for it or spend time trying to figure things out for themselves. Eliminate that process. Give them what they need and support their journey in every way you can. You’ll end up with more engaged prospects, opportunities, and customers.

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