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Finding the right tools for your website can be daunting. It requires time you don’t have and it seems there is always a new problem to solve, a new set of metrics to analyze, and search engine algorithm challenges to face.

Every month we highlight a different tool that helps businesses like yours solve problems. This way you can learn about great new tools that could be a perfect fit for your business without investing a lot of time into research. This month, we’re highlighting a tool that can help with your website. Learn more about VWO, the Visual Website Optimizer.

VWO - Visual Website Optimizer


VWO is a marketing and web design tool for the optimization of your website through testing. It allows you to implement various user experience campaigns and heat maps to determine where you should spend your time. With VWO, you can also develop complex A/B, split-URL, and multivariate tests without getting the developers involved.

Heat maps and click analytics

A heat map is a visual representation of how people are interacting with your website and CTAs. Use a heatmap if you want to see which areas on your site are “hot” and which are “not.”

VWO - website heatmap

Finding the right heat mapping tool for your website can be tricky. Heat maps provide a lot of interesting data. This includes where people are going on your site, and how they’re truly interacting.

However, most heat mapping tools only allow you to see the results of the heat map. Then, you must move that information into another platform where you can implement a test or make a change. Using VWO, you can review your heat maps and implement a test within the same platform.

Extend your heat map data using VWO’s native click analytics functionality so you can see which elements on your site have been clicked, and how many times. This will allow you to zero-in on user engagement down to the exact number.

User Experience

All website marketing teams want the same things. Improving visitor interaction and user experience is always among the top priorities.

Identify areas of improvement or possible bugs by reaching out to your website visitors directly. Ask any type of subjective question about your site (usability, layout, anything!), and Visual Website Optimizer will allow you to collect anonymous feedback by presenting the question to anonymous people around the world. Create a poll or ask free-text questions to get the answers you’re looking for.

Website personalization

Personalization is incredibly important in today’s digital marketing world. But, you don’t need to know a visitor’s first name to personalize content. Even for “anonymous” website visitors, there’s a lot of data available for you to offer personalized content.

Increase sales conversions by offering targeted content to visitors. Use VWO to offer content based on location data, behavioral data, the referring URL, search keywords, and more.


Test landing page performance, language, design, and more using VWO’s testing engine. Perform A/B tests, split-URL tests, and multivariate tests without a developer by using their WYSIWYG editor.

For every campaign you run, you’ll have access to a full suite of analytics. Each campaign will have a dedicated report that tells you how the campaign is performing. Furthermore, you can see how your changes compare against your original version. You will also receive an alert when visitor metrics are statistically significant.


VWO is an excellent tool for marketing teams and agencies that want to optimize web performance quickly and consistently, without having to involve expensive development work. Additionally, it’s simple to use, quick to get up and running, fully visual and has different pricing tiers to support different marketing budgets.


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