Mobile Marketing is the New Black

mobile marketing is the new black

When it comes to marketing, the world is ever-changing and it can be quite the challenge to keep up. One of the newest, and largest, marketing trends is mobile marketing. The days of sitting at a computer and or laptop to research a product or service are things of the past.

Mobile marketing is the new black.

Now, consumers have the leisure of picking up a tablet or smartphone to quickly research whatever they would like, whenever and wherever. They used to have to be at home to research a product or service. However, now they can be anywhere. Nearly 40% of time spent online by consumers is on a mobile device, so why are brands not converting and capitalizing on this?

Mobile Marketing is Always On

The main reason is because many companies don’t have mobile responsive pages because they take additional development time and are, to be frank, an afterthought. But, they shouldn’t be. When someone is searching your website from their phone, they want to be able to see all of the same information they would from a desktop version, and just as easily. If your web page is not mobile responsive, a consumer might stray away from your website because it is hard to navigate which results in lower CTR and conversion rates.

Mobile marketing is also diving head first into the world of advertising. There are so many ways to advertise your product or service through a mobile device such as SMS text messages, Facebook ads, Tweets, and QR codes to name a few. Some companies have even taken it as far as creating their own apps for coupon games or mobile shopping.

Mobile Marketing - Smartphone Usage

Optimizing your emails for mobile devices is also an important aspect of mobile marketing. We all know that a lot of advertising is sent through email campaigns and email coupons, so if yours aren’t optimized for mobile you are missing out on potential leads. According to a study, more than 65% of emails are opened on a mobile device and 75% delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile.

Now that you know all about the trends, how should you implement them for your business? Here are a few tips and tricks that can help maximize mobile marketing for your company. Just because you are following a trend of mobile marketing, doesn’t mean you want your content to become impersonal. You need to continue to pay attention to your customers as you are transitioning into this new portion of the marketing mix. You also need to pay attention to when your customers are shopping on their mobile devices and what they are looking for when they are doing it to keep your content and brand relevant to them in the large space. The best way to do this is by using location triggered messaging or push notifications for coupons.

There are a few simple steps you can take to optimize your emails for mobile. First, you want to reduce image file size with a tool like JPEGmini or Photo Resizer and then resize your images by proportion of the screen it is on, you will do this in your HTML editor. Then once you have that done, you want to increase the size of links and CTA buttons to a size larger than 57×57 pixels. This way the button is larger than an average index finger. You also want to make sure your links are spread far enough out so there is no accidental clicking. And finally, you want to invest in mobile responsive email templates. That way it is easy to just plug in your information, instead of trying to code and create a template that is going to be mobile responsive. A few other small tips are to make sure your font is large enough to read without zooming in – try a minimum of 14 pixels for body text.

Marketers who are sitting on the sidelines and not capitalizing on mobile marketing will soon fade to the back and become less recognized. The brands that work to effectively own the mobile market and grow with the changes while keeping their customers happy are the ones who are going to grow at rapid paces.

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