Common Mistakes on B2B Websites

common mistakes on b2b websites

B2B website owners have the same challenges as B2C companies when marketing to their target audience. Getting traffic, minimizing bounce rates and, most importantly, conversions. Conversions are always top of mind for B2B websites. To help increase conversions, these are some of the common mistakes B2B websites should eliminate.

Lack of Content for Specific Audiences

Lack of content for all decision makers is a common mistake found on B2B websites. All levels of the business hierarchy should be in consideration when writing content for your website. The executive team and managers make a lot of the final decisions in the products and services their company uses. If you are targeting small, medium, and large businesses with a range of decision makers, it is imperative to have content for all parties.

Lack of Multimedia Content

Websites need to give visitors content in numerous forms. In today’s world of tablets, smartphones, Netflix, and eReaders, people want to consume their content in whatever form they prefer. Longform whitepapers alone won’t cut it anymore. Blog articles, training documents, marketing videos, and audio podcast are all popular forms of content. If your B2B website only has one or two media types on your website, then you may be missing out on prospects and leads.

Adding more infographics, short one to three minute videos, and hosting webinars are great ways to start diversifying your content. These different methods of communication can help you market to all types of your customers in various buying stages.

No Mobile Website

This is one of the biggest mistakes a B2B website can make. Being available and viewable on all devices a visitor could be using is a necessity. In fact, 48% of consumers start their research on search engines using a mobile device. Responsive websites are an easy way to have both a desktop and mobile website in one.

To get started, look into website platforms like WordPress that have native responsive templates free for you to use. If you are not ready for a redesign, there are services such as Duda that can easily create a mobile website from your desktop version.

Not Enough New Content

Another common mistake on B2B websites is not creating new content. In today’s world of tech, things are always changing. If your content is out of date, that will not instill confidence in potential buyers, nor will it provide them the answers they need in their buyer’s journey.

Not only is regular, fresh content necessary to provide for potential customers, it’s extremely important for SEO. Google continuously ranks and re-ranks sites based on how up to date their site is. Regular content updates through downloadable resources or blogs can have a direct effect on prospective buyers even being able to find you.

To continually create content for your site, a content schedule can help. Identify the topics your buyers want to read, take stock of your current assets, and create new content. Once you schedule your content for release, don’t forget to promote your new content through emails and social media. Also, track and tweak your content as needed. It will help to engage your viewers and keep them coming back for more.

Ready to get moving but don’t know where to start? We can help revamp your website or generate content to make you more competitive. Contact us today.

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