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Bart Bartlett has been in the game for more than 20 years. In 2014, after more than nine start-up companies, he took that experience and partnered with Amanda Moore to create DemandZEN, an agency made of a world-class team focused on driving demand generation in order to support a client’s revenue process. Bart believes demand generation is a business critical, but often complex process, that requires a combination of strong execution and nuance in understanding prospects and the process they need to go through to convert to becoming customers.

Recently, Bart teamed up with Andy Baldacci of Hubstaff for episode #10 of Hubstaff’s Agency Advantage podcast series to discuss how agencies can generate demand through testing. During this podcast, Bart discusses everything from how to find new clients to what tools DemandZEN uses and how testing everything can maximize lead generation and keep clients happy.

Ready to learn more? Listen to the podcast here.

Generate Demand with Bart Bartlett in the Hubstaff Agency Advantage Series

Listen to Episode #10 of the Hubstaff Agency Advantage series with DemandZEN CEO, Bart Bartlett.



Bart Bartlett, CEO – DemandZEN

A Stanford graduate and successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Bart has been active in building early-stage technology companies for nearly two decades. He is currently focused on sales, channel development, outbound marketing, business development and demand generation. Bart has four kids that he enjoys spending time with and watching as they grow up. He is also an avid cyclist, swimmer, and pilot.

DemandZEN helps generate demand through cold calling as well as services around SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media, and other digital marketing services.

Andy Baldacci, Marketing Director – Hubstaff

Andy Baldacci is the Marketing Director of Hubstaff, a time-tracking company that wants to empower teams to work together in real time with full transparency while allowing those team members to work wherever and whenever they want.

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