DemandZEN’s Marketing Tool of the Month: Canva

canva marketing tool of the month

Finding the right tools and processes for your business takes time and money.

That’s why, each month, we highlight a tool that solves a different business problem. This allows you to learn about different tools that could be a great fit for your business without the stress. In this post, we’ll focus on Canva.

Canva - Marketing Tool of the Month


Canva is a marketing tool for the creation, design, and distribution of graphics and documents. It’s a web-based application with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s simple interface and extensive library of templates, free/paid images, fonts, and filters turns everyone into a graphic designer.

To begin a design you can either choose a graphic type, which will automatically generate the correct pixel size, or you can start with a custom pixel size. If you choose a specific graphic type (such as a Facebook post), you’ll automatically see the numerous templates associated with each type.


A paid license (Canva for Work– currently at $12.95/user/month) comes with numerous features, including:

  • An unlimited folder system for your designs
  • The ability to Invite up to 50 team members
  • Unlimited storage for photos and assets
  • Access to over 8,000 templates for posters, social media, graphs, and more
  • The ability to upload and categorize your own images
  • Access to millions of free icons and images, as well as photos for $1 each
  • The ability to magically resize your designs
  • Custom fonts for your brand
  • Color palettes for your brand
  • Template creation for you and your team
  • Support

Canva for Work also allows you to create multiple color palettes and upload numerous fonts to manage different branding guidelines directly within the platform. Its photo editor allows you to edit photos and apply filters without lowering the image quality or installing any software applications.

The free Canva account is perfect for small businesses or personal users who do not have extremely strict branding guidelines and just want to create professional images. The free account does not come with support, a search function for your designs, or the the ability to create a folder system, branding guide, or templates. But, you can still upload photos, buy images, and design unique graphics and documents with up to 1GB storage for photos and assets.

Coming soon: Canva Enterprise

Canva is still a rather new platform, so they only offer two levels of accounts. However, Canva Enterprise, for teams larger than 50 people, is coming soon.

Canva Enterprise will include everything the Canva for Work license allows, but add features to ensure brand compliance and approval workflows. You’ll also receive a dedicated account manager to help you with the finer points of the platform and advanced analytics on your assets.

Canva Enterprise will be great for large organizations with a lot of moving parts, or agencies with a wide array of clients.

Free Trial

At the time of this post, you can try Canva for Work free for 30 days.

To start your free trial, you will need to enter a credit card, but you can cancel your trial at any time without being charged. The free trial is suitable for both large and small teams. 

You’ll have access to the full suite of features with no obligation.


Canva is a helpful tool for marketing teams that need to build professional looking graphics and documents quickly. You can follow your company’s branding guidelines without relying on a graphic designer or expensive design tool.

Canva for Work is only $9.95 per user per month when paid annually. It raises to $12.95 per user per month when paid monthly.

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