achieving sales goals

Achieving Sales Goals: How to Ensure you Reach Your Monthly Targets

As a sales professional, you enjoy being ambitious and achieving sales goals. But how do you ensure you reach those monthly…

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corporate core values

Corporate Core Values: Why Your Startup Needs Core Values

Every company needs a set of core values that guide its mission. These values should reflect the reason you started your…

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marketing tool of the month wrike dz blog

Which Project Management Tool Should You Use?

Yes, you need project management software It shouldn’t be a secret that companies need to use project management tools to stay…

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work from home best practices dz blog

Work-From-Home Best Practices to Organize Your Day

Why you need work-from-home best practices We all know the remote employee stereotype. I’m sure you just conjured up an image…

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partner program pt 3 - structure

Developing a Partner Program, pt 3: How Should I Structure My Program?

We’ve seen partner program structures that range from incredibly simplistic to more complicated than String Theory, as well as the full…

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DemandZEN - buyer personas

Creating Buyer Personas that Work for You

Why You Need a Buyer Personas Template It’s difficult to create buyer personas if you don’t know where to start. That’s…

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The value of a SMART goal in marketing…

…and how to set one. The term “SMART Goal” has been around for a long time. Often attributed to Dr. Edwin…

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