Underutilized Sales Closing Strategies

sales closing strategies

There is nothing as exciting for sales professionals as closing a sale quickly and successfully. The process of selling is not only about the effort made; it’s also about that final moment that determines whether or not your closing strategies will pay off.

In the ocean of sales closing strategies available nowadays, there are still a few which are effective, yet underutilized. These closing strategies are being neglected over time and replaced with new, “more modern” strategies. However, they are very useful, highly valuable, and if you are new to the world of sales – easy to master.    

Underutilized sales closing strategies that work

In every sales closing process, there are numerous challenges to handle. This refers to answering numberless questions about the product or the service you are trying to sell – their quality, integrations, possible discounts, etc. However, the most important part is actually convincing the customers to purchase whatever it is you’re offering. These are the strategies that will certainly help you close a deal.

best sales closing strategies

1. It’s all about trust

When it comes to closing sales, 99% of the time you don’t really know your customers. You don’t know their personality, how they think and make decisions, etc. More often than not, sales professionals only have several minutes to talk and convince their potential customer to make the purchase. For this reason, experienced sales experts always suggest focusing on creating and developing trust with your customers.  

The best way to do so is presenting the product/service and offering your own opinion. Giving honest feedback on the goods you’re offering can make a huge difference in the decision-making moments.

2. Talk about the cons, but emphasize the pros

When trying to close a sale, it is always important to be honest with the customers about the pros and cons of your offers. Making a list of pros and cons works well, especially if your customer is an analytical person. Going through such a list, with an emphasis on the positive qualities, allows you to easily guide your client through the sales closing process.

3. Offer alternatives

Offering some alternatives (or at least one) can often be a winning sales closing strategy. This strategy is especially useful when your client is doubtful or not really satisfied with your current offer. If you sense such “vibes”, it is good to have one or two other similar options up your sleeve. 

As most customers like to have choices when purchasing. Offering alternatives is a must. These alternatives can sometimes include a completely different product or just an added value that will satisfy your prospects. However, offering too many alternatives can lead to confusion, so it is better to stick to one or two alternative options.

4. Look for the green light – the Trial Sales Closing strategy

One of the commonly underutilized sales closing strategies nowadays is the Trial Closing strategy. This approach gives the salesperson enough space and time to modify the offer according to customer needs while avoiding the usual pressure.

Although this strategy is fruitful and used by experienced sales professionals in large industries (like the enterprise-software industry), not many small-sized and mid-sized businesses use it. Still, it’s a great strategy for testing customer intentions, which allows the salesperson to adjust the offer at any point of the sale process.

underutilized sales closing strategies

5. Use a reactive sales closing strategy

More often than not, customers know exactly what they want. However, there are times when skillful convincing can go a long way in the sales closing process. This strategy is based on waiting for the right moment to “force” commitment and get to the next phase of the sale.

When it comes to successful closing strategies, the reactive closing strategy is very effective, yet underutilized by most sales “newbies”. The main reason for this is the lack of skill. It’s about being able to use the customer’s objection in order to encourage commitment and continue with the sales process.

6. Additional incentive encourages closing the sale

When the customer is indecisive or doubtful, it’s wise to give them that extra encouragement – especially when it comes to closing sales. Offering an additional value, as an incentive to close the sale, can be of tremendous help in doing business.

Whether you are a step away from closing the deal, or in the middle of negotiations, an additional incentive can help. It can speed up the entire process or help you overcome the eventual obstacles your customer is facing. However, as with all closing strategies, it is essential to consider the customer’s personality and choose the right moment to offer that extra incentive.

7. Timing is everything

Knowing when to close the sale is one of the crucial traits of every successful salesperson. The “right timing” strategy is a key element in the process of persuading your prospect. In some occasions, you may sense that you can close the deal during an early stage of the negotiations. There will also be times when you’ll have to patiently wait for that “perfect moment” to act and close the deal.

If your potential customer reveals details which insinuate you should wait with the closing, just take a break and try to contact them later. Doing this, you will gain their trust and respect, and the chances of closing the deal will increase.

effective sales closing strategies

…but first things first!

Having the best closing strategies means nothing if you don’t have the right leads. We’ve written a lot about getting leads. You can definitely (with time) learn and master skills such as cold-calling and cold-emails. But why waste your life on things that are better outsourced?

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