How to Succeed Month One as a New SDR

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As a new SDR, the first month has the potential to leave you feeling quite unsure of yourself. Jennifer Bulay, Program Manager at DemandZEN, has inside knowledge on how a new SDR can best succeed in month one, here are her tips: 

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions 

  •  If you’re unsure about something, raise your hand. Your managers have all been there and will help you get through it. Never walk away from a call or situation without completely understanding.

2. Focus on learning one thing at a time 

  •  Don’t try to understand everything all at once or you will set yourself up for failure. Focus on one thing at a time and learn as you go. 

3. Leverage your resources 

  • Use the company’s resources at your disposal to start setting meetings from the start; ie. ZoomInfo, Manager, and/or Peers.  

4. Ask to shadow people who have been successful in the role 

  • Take the initiative to ask to watch people who have years of experience. This can be extremely helpful when learning how to succeed in your role!

6. Understand that the glass is always half full 

  • As an SDR your career is dependent on your mindset so if you remain optimistic good things will follow.

7. Prepare yourself to hear “no” if you ever want to hear “yes”. 

  • Rejection is the one constant in any sales role so don’t let 50 no’s stop you from getting one yes

Jennifer Bulay, Program Manager

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