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Mail Communication Connection message to mailing contacts phone Global Letters Concept
Mail Communication Connection message to mailing contacts phone Global Letters Concept

Due to Covid-19, we’ve seen an uptick in automated emails sent. Anyone with an inbox can vouch for this. The question is, is this form of outreach overdone? Is it still profitable? Is it worth it? From the thousands of SDR emails we at DemandZEN send out, there are still ways to connect with individuals through a mass email sent. Here are our tips and tricks. 

Avoid Friday [Monday is Better!]

We all can attest to the fact that Friday can be a low productivity day for most. So avoiding email sends on that day, especially the first one in the cadence, is wise to increase open rates. We’ve found that starting an email cadence at the beginning of the week is the most effective; most people start the week thoroughly reading their emails.

Time of Day Matters 

            Set up an email the night before to send at around 6 am the following day. The email will then be waiting in their inbox. Ordinarily, people check their email about three times a day. Early in the morning, once at mid-day, and at the end of the day. Therefore, sending emails so they are ready to read during these times is crucial. 

Make it Mobile-Friendly With a Clear Call to Action 

 We are getting all of their email alerts on their watch or phone home screen these days. If an email’s Call to Action isn’t clear in that short preview, it most likely will not be opened by the reader. Therefore, it’s essential to create email subjects that are personable, simple, and direct. 

Suggest a Time Directly in the Email 

            Suggest a time to meet or have your calendar linked directly in the first SDR email sent to the prospect. (Calendlyis a great tool for this.) Then, after doing your short pitch, allow the receiver to pick from specified times you have available to speak further. This strategy gets right to the point and shows the receiver you are being proactive from the beginning. 

Email writing can feel dreadful, especially during the fast-paced day of an SDR. However, they have been proven effective. A great email can turn the narrative from being a “pushy salesperson” to being determined to have that business conversation!

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