SDR Covid Pivoting Strategies: Pivoting Towards the Human and Away From the Sale

SDRCovid Pivoting Strategies

Covid-19 has impacted the conversations B2B SDR teams are having with prospects.  DemandZEN has been testing the best pivoting strategies SDRs can use during this time of Covid-19. Our goal is to respect the current situation the business finds itself in, while still generating an actionable future pipeline. 

I recently spoke to two DemandZEN SDRs about pivoting strategies they use every day. Here is their input:

Roadblock: Budget Cuts

Pivot Strategy: Lean into Curiosity 

When the cost of service becomes an issue for prospects, I encourage 

them to meet to expand their knowledge of a solution that could help their business. I make it less about a sale and more about the prospect having the ability to learn about a solution for whenever they are ready to come on board.” 

  •  Elizabeth Cromwell, Lead Generation Specialist

“A lot of buyers speak about not needing products or services because of lack of budget. I make it less about the need today and more about the importance of being educated for when the time is right.” 

  • Nichole Heathcote, Lead Generation Specialist

Roadblock: Furloughs

Pivot: Concentrate on Pain Points

“I find a lot of executives are now wearing many hats due to furloughs. They are also attempting to mitigate costs further. When I’m in that situation, I start asking the executive about pain points they may encounter. Onboarding? ‘No’, Payroll? ‘No’, Tax Organization? ‘No’, Well, what about menial tasks? Everyday organization? That’s the most common pain for most executives in my experience. Pointing out that pain point has led me to a lot of success” – Elizabeth Cromwell

“My family owns a business that has experienced uncertainty due to Covid. I use this as a talking point. I show empathy for the need to furlough some of their team but point out that this specific software can be used to make up for the loss of workforce, and can sometimes even be more cost-effective..” – Nichole Heathcote 

Roadblock: Remote Work Transition

Pivot: Empathize with the Prospect and Respect their Time

“There can be a lot of potential distractions with many businesses being remote. A lot of parents have children at home with them during the workday. People have a lot more on their shoulders day to day now due to Covid. Sometimes prospects are busy and simply aren’t available for a conversation. I take that moment to connect. I empathize, and then ask if there is a better time for them to meet.” – Nichole

“Even though a distracted lead could seem like an end to a conversation. I turn it into a future conversation. I acknowledge that I understand. Then I suggest a better time.” – Elizabeth

Roadblock: Prospects’ Fear of Making Wrong Decision 

Pivot: Relieve Pressure and Emphasize that it’s a Casual Conversation

“There has been a lot of job loss due to Covid, and because of this, I find a lot of people whom I call to make an appointment are fearful of making any wrong turn that would result in job loss. I let the prospect know that there is no pressure. It’s a learning opportunity, a conversation.” – Nichole

 “I ask if there is a contact who would be better suited to have this conversation instead. I let them know I understand and will take the pressure off of them to decide by meeting with someone else” – Elizabeth 

These strategies and more are used by DemandZEN SDRs every day to start productive conversations with prospects. The secret is to treat prospects as humans with unique needs and challenges who are trying to adjust to this new way of life just as we are. We make it less about a sale and more about connecting the right solution with the right business. When Covid obstacles seem to impede this conversation from happening, the right pivot will allow these connections to happen and a pipeline is sure to be generated.

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