Staying Warm While Cold Calling [Keeping the Human Element in Cold Calling]

Staying Warm While Cold Calling

During this season of social distance, we could all use some genuine human interaction. We probably don’t expect an authentic interaction like this taking place while cold calling, especially in the world of B2B, Lead Generation. However, here at DemandZEN we believe genuine communication is exactly what secures more deals.

 The employees of DemandZEN come from all different walks of life. They’ve witnessed different things, each facing unique adversities. They cheer for different teams on Sunday and they have different “usuals” at their local Starbucks. These differences allow DemandZEN employees to connect with a multitude of personalities on the other end of the line whilst cold calling. 

You may ask, how does an individual consistently make this connection with each potential lead when speaking to hundreds every week? How do you avoid turning into a robot, repeating the same script over and over? Here are some tips and tricks our own employees use, every day!

Play to your personality.

“I am an expressive person, so I always need to make sure that I am keeping pace with my audience. When cold calling, I use my bubbly personality to capture them right off the bat and make it a personal conversation.”

Christy Goodwill, DemandZEN Master Lead Generation Specialist, 6 months

The best cold calls are made by people with personality. It’s important to maintain professionalism, but don’t be afraid to let your personality show! The recipient will be enticed hearing a human on the other end of the line rather than a stale, scripted, robotic greeting.

Find common ground.

“If I hear that there is a kid in the background, I make sure that I drop a personal note about how I have four children and one that is going to college.”

Christy Goodwill

When cold calling, realize that your primary goal is to start a conversation. Finding common ground not only makes the conversation flow naturally, but it makes you memorable to the other person. They may not remember every detail from your sales pitch, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. Try doing some research about the individual or business you’re reaching out to. This can make it easier to find common ground.

Take frequent breaks.

“I take a short (5-10 min) break every few hours when I’m calling just to walk away and re-group. Most times I’ll go get a snack, sit on my back porch and throw the ball for my dogs.”

Jennifer Bulay, DemandZEN Program Manager, 3 year

Cold calling is a repetitive process. It can even be draining. After a 20 minute phone call, just picking up the phone again may feel daunting. This is why it’s extremely helpful to take breaks. Get up from your desk and walk for a few minutes. Go get a fresh cup of coffee. Listen to your favorite song. Although these things may sound really simple or insignificant, they will rejuvenate your spirit and provide you the energy you need to continue through your list.

Change your environment.

I keep adding elements such as art or desk decorations to my workspace so it’s easier to be at for long periods of time.”

Jennifer Bulay

While you can’t completely control the outcome of each phone call, you can control your environment while cold calling. Take time to declutter the desk in your office. Adorn your space with a plant or a picture. Do anything to improve the surroundings in your workspace. While seemingly trivial, this subtle act can really make a difference in how you feel. If you have the ability to work remotely, take advantage of it. Some people find this practical and preferable. For others, working from home can become monotonous, uninspiring, or even possibly distracting. These people may want to try working from a coffee shop, a coworking space, or anywhere else with a stimulating environment.

So what is the take away from all this? Will adding a bonsai tree to your desk or doing 5 minutes of breathwork yoga between conversations make you a cold call guru? You may need to tailor these ideas to something more suited for you, just experiment and find what works. The purpose is to do whatever grounds you and enables you to truly connect with the person you’re speaking with.

 When it comes down to it, what’s the greater purpose in life other than connecting with people? If we’re willing to steer away from the script, the person on the other end of the line who once seemed so far away may just want to hear what we have to offer.

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