How To Choose A Marketing Agency

November 12, 2019

Major corporations might have the resources available to operate their own marketing departments, but the vast majority of businesses are often…

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LinkedIn InMail Tips, Tricks, Best Practices

November 1, 2019

You’re likely very familiar with LinkedIn, but you may not know much about InMail. InMail is LinkedIn’s system for direct messages. …

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We discuss the importance of services marketing in the B2B sector.

The Importance of Services Marketing in the B2B Sector

July 18, 2018

The biggest mistake you can make when selling in a B2B tech space is to go around and try to “sell…

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Growing Marketing Efforts In-House or B2B Marketing Agency

Growing Your B2B Marketing Efforts: In-House, Independent Contractor, or Marketing Agency?

June 27, 2018

You read emails over breakfast, check LinkedIn while you wait in line at the coffee shop, skim blog posts about marketing…

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Trend Advertising: Game of Thrones Edition

July 16, 2017

HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres tonight and everyone is talking about it. Season 7 is highly anticipated because it’s the first…

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DemandZEN - blog - keeping digital marketing plans afloat

Top Reasons Why Most Digital Marketing Plans Fall Apart

April 12, 2017

  Every single marketer has experienced it: A plan, either fully formed or half-cocked, gets a little TLC but ultimately winds…

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Best Live Chat Software Tool for Different Business Needs

Best Live Chat Software Tool for Different Business Needs

April 6, 2017

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that every business has unique needs. That means there is never…

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a guide to lead scoring best practices

Lead Scoring Best Practices: A Beginner’s Guide

March 30, 2017

Lead scoring is a system of scoring leads based on interest, interaction, and qualification. Individual interactions and information are assigned values;…

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optimize your linkedin ads

3 Strategies to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads

March 23, 2017

Social media marketing for B2B businesses has become an important part of the paid advertising puzzle. LinkedIn is especially popular in…

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understanding your customer needs

Quick Tip: Understanding Your Customers’ Needs

March 20, 2017

Interested in understanding your customers’ needs? If you’ve done all of your research and created specific, targeted buyer personas, then you…

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