How to write a value proposition

How To: Write a Value Proposition

A value proposition will probably be the shortest thing you ever write after doing hours of research. To write a value…

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Partner Program Post - Leads by Channel

Developing a Partner Program, pt 1: Should I start a partner program?

Does your product integrate with a lot of other products? Do a lot of other products integrate with your product or…

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content marketing for b2b

Using Content Marketing to Drive Sales in B2B

Content marketing is often referred to as the art of communicating with customers and prospects without selling. It allows companies to…

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top crm platforms reviewed

These are the Top CRM Platforms

Nowadays, when it comes to top CRM platforms there are plenty of choices. A good CRM will make your work easier…

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DemandZEN - buyer personas

Creating Buyer Personas that Work for You

Why You Need a Buyer Personas Template It’s difficult to create buyer personas if you don’t know where to start. That’s…

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B2B online marketing image (1)

B2B Online Marketing: Targeting the Person Behind the Desk

Tossing Aside Traditional B2B Online Marketing Motivation is often cited as a primary difference between B2B online marketing and B2C online…

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marketing memes

How to Make Marketing Memes Work for Your B2B Strategy

What’s in a Meme? If  you’ve ever accessed the internet, you’ve encountered a meme. On your way to this blog post,…

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Effective PPC Strategies in 2016

When it comes to click-based marketing, there are new PPC strategies being created every day. Unfortunately this means there are too…

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9 Helpful Tools for Marketers

9 Helpful Tools for Marketers

Let’s face it. Being a marketer is an ever-evolving job. It’s not all fun and games like the Finance department makes…

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dz blog lions and tiger and social media marketing blog

Lions, Tigers and Social Media Marketing – Oh My!

When it comes to our personal lives, social media is commonplace nowadays. No, it’s more than that – social media is…

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